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Syncsort and Collibra Partnership – What It Really Means

This week, Syncsort is announcing our strategic partnership with Collibra here at the Data Governance & Information Quality conference (perfect name!) in sunny San Diego.

Extending the Trillium Software + Collibra Relationship

Even before Trillium Software was acquired by Syncsort, it already had a relationship with Collibra, including many mutual customers. Our announcement this week is expanding our relationship across at all levels.

What’s driving the extended partnership? Our mutual customers have been asking both companies to work together to help them implement their data governance and data quality initiatives, which are intertwined, or better said… they are one in the same.

Data Governance from Policy to Implementation

From a product perspective, let me talk about some of the areas where we have and will integrate the products that our customers want and need.

Users of Collibra Data Governance Center define policies and data quality rules. These rules then need technical implementation. This is where Trillium Software System, and specifically Trillium Discovery, comes into play. Our customers want to link the policy definitions in Collibra to the technical implementation in Trillium business-defined rules, for consistent tests that ensure those rules are being enforced in data management.

Data Governance: Ensuring the success of the digital enterprise

Whether the Trillium business rules succeed or fail, the stewards in Collibra need to know. If the rules succeed, it’s important to know how often and when do they succeed. The same is true of business rule failure, but a failure also requires that something be done about it. Issues or cases need to be raised in Collibra Help Desk and then tracked to fix the data issue(s).

A Partnership Beyond Product Integration

Our partnership doesn’t start and end with product integration. We’re working together across all parts of our organization. Our sales teams are talking and our technical teams are also working together including engineering, services and so on. And, as evidenced in the press release, our CEO’s are committed to working together. We all recently were able to get together during the Collibra Data Citizens ’17 event in Jersey City a few weeks ago, where Syncsort was a Gold sponsor.

We are excited to work together with Collibra across our organizations for the mutual benefit of our customers. By the way, if you’re in San Diego this week, stop by our booth for a demo to see the data governance solutions working together.

For those not attending DGIQ, watch the Trillium Software webcast “Data Governance: Ensuring the Success of the Digital Enterprise,” to see what four simple actions you can take today to improve data governance in your organization!

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