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3 Webinars for a Smarter Mainframe: Optimization, Machine Learning & Sort Innovations

Class is now in session! Take advantage of these hazy, lazy days to catch up on some modern mainframe best practices. And today’s post doesn’t even have a required reading list!

Smarten up your mainframe during your next summer lounge session with one or more of these recently recorded webinars featuring mainframe optimization, machine learning and innovations in mainframe sort technology.

Webinar: The Future of Mainframe Optimization from IBM Systems Magazine

The Future of Mainframe Optimization

In this IBM Systems Magazine webinar, you’ll learn about key mainframe optimization problems, opportunities, and use cases. Discover how the latest innovations for zIIP and sort will save you both time and money, game-changing features of workload-centric database optimization for DB2 and IDMS, and new solutions for long-standing network management issues.

Watch the IBM Systems Magazine webinar now >

Webinar: Machine Learning & ITSI for Enterprise

Machine Learning & IT Service Intelligence for the Enterprise

See how you can gain unique business and service-relevant context using your own machine data, including that from your z/OS mainframe. Implicitly learn patterns, eliminate costly false alerts, identify anomalies, and baseline normal operations by employing advanced analytics driven by machine learning.

Watch the Machine Learning & ITSI for Enterprise webinar now >

MFX Sort Webcast

Mainframe Education Webinar: Innovations in Your Mainframe Sort

Learn from Syncsort’s head of development and lead sort Engineer how you can now leverage the latest advancements in mainframe sort technology (MFX), including faster performance, enhanced OPTMODES, higher developer productivity and easy installation & deployment.

Watch the mainframe sort webinar now >

Download eBook: Mainframe Meets Machine Learning


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