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Inside Look: CEO’s Note to Employees on Syncsort & Vision Solutions Combination

Today, we announced the closing of Centerbridge’s $1.26 billion acquisition of Syncsort and Vision Solutions, with Syncsort CEO Josh Rogers leading the combined company under the Syncsort brand. We are sharing what most companies don’t often publicly disclose – our CEO’s note to employees. Josh provides some background on Vision and Syncsort as well as outlines our key priorities going forward. Read on!

A Message to the Team: CEO’s Note to Employees

Syncsort CEO Josh Rogers - Inside Look: CEO’s Note to Employees on Syncsort & Vision Solutions Combination From: Josh Rogers
To: All Employees

Subject: A message to the team


Dear Colleagues,

For nearly fifty years, Syncsort has delivered data integration solutions for enterprises with a focus on helping them process large volumes of data as efficiently as possible. Whether the platform was the mainframe as it was starting in the late ’60s, Unix and Windows in the early ’90s, Linux in the early 2000s, or the Big Data and cloud platforms of today, Syncsort has always provided fast, efficient software that allows our customers to copy, move, aggregate, join, and generally manipulate massive data volumes as quickly as possible. Last year, with the acquisition of Trillium Software, we dramatically expanded our capabilities to include not only movement and transformation of data but improving the quality and integrity of that data.

Today we are closing on the previously announced combination with Vision Solutions. Over the past three decades, Vision has been a pioneer in the IBM i space. Nicolaas and his team have built a world-class organization that has delivered the market-leading portfolio of business resilience solutions for IBM i and AIX Power Systems environments including high availability, disaster recovery, data migration and data sharing.

At their core, these solutions are sophisticated data management products that center around the ability to replicate data in real time. This replication can be used to support data and application availability across machines and across locations. When I think about the addition of the capabilities and expertise to the Syncsort business, the possibilities for growth and innovation seem almost limitless.

As we announce the closing of the combination, I wanted to take a moment to lay out the key priorities we must pursue moving forward:

1. We will remain committed to our customers

The combined company serves more than 6,000 enterprise customers globally. These are the largest and most complex IT environments in the world. Our products are engineered into mission-critical systems that deliver products and services of every kind imaginable. Syncsort, Trillium and Vision have a long history of delivering award-winning support to these customers and that will continue. We don’t just simply know how to serve customers, it is core to our culture and our DNA. The same can be said of our relationship with partners. The role our partners play in this business is core to our strategy and our ability to support our customers.

But our goal is not just to support our customers’ operations, it is to learn from them. Our engagement with customers is THE key source of insight on where we should take our products and what new products we should build. We are not only committed to supporting the current product portfolio but to expand and evolve it. And we will do that through deep customer engagement. We are not just looking for ideas, but rather to partner with them through the product definition and development process to make sure we get it right.

2. We will lead the Big Iron to Big Data market

Big Iron to Big Data is the daunting task of integrating your next-generation Big Data infrastructure with your traditional application systems that produce your critical data. The mainframe and IBM i Power Systems platforms run the transactional applications that support the global economy. That is not an exaggeration. When you swipe your credit card, inquire about a claim, make a call on your cell phone, check the app on your phone to see if your flight is on time, you are initiating a transaction that ultimately gets executed on the mainframe or IBM i Power Systems platform.

These systems are highly optimized for transaction workloads and still power the core business processes for enterprises across the globe. The Vision combination brings technology and expertise that will allow Syncsort to expand its market-leading Big Iron to Big Data solutions to include best-of-breed support for the IBM i Power Systems platform. The application and machine data generated on this platform is a critical input into a Big Data and advanced analytics strategy, and we will invest heavily here to make sure our customers can easily integrate these critical data assets into their next-generation infrastructure.

3. We will continue to expand our capabilities around data

The data industry is not new, but it is certainly at an inflection point. Customers are looking to leverage data as a strategic asset and are embracing new technologies to do so. At the same time, the vendor landscape remains fragmented. This combined organization’s scale and maturity provides a strong foundation to deliver and support mission-critical data management solutions. Our expertise in Big Data and Cloud, and our partnerships with leading next-generation platform providers are powerful assets that afford us the opportunity to acquire and modernize key data management capabilities and deliver a larger value proposition to our customers.

Just as we have extended Syncsort’s and Trillium’s core data management engines to run on Hadoop and Spark, we can apply this same approach to additional segments of data management. We will continue to search for highly differentiated, quality data management products where our expertise and global reach can help enterprises meet the next generation of data management challenges.

Big Data became mainstream, at least according to Google Trends, in 2012. Over the past five years, this desire to manage massive volumes of data, to enable businesses to ask bigger questions, has had a profound impact on the data management industry. It is a powerful trend. But in many ways, it is a symptom. There is an insatiable appetite for data. The industry is scrambling to keep up. As machine learning and artificial intelligence applications mature, this will only serve to increase the demand for data.

It is an honor to lead a team of some of the most experienced and talented data professionals in the industry. Collectively, we have played an important role in the evolution of this industry. Together, we will help shape the next era. I could not be more optimistic about what we will achieve together, and with our partners and customers. I am also really excited to meet many of our new colleagues when Nicolaas and I travel to Vision offices over the next week, and look forward to bringing everyone together later in the month for our All Hands call.




For additional information, read the full press release: Centerbridge Completes $1.26 Billion Acquisition of Enterprise Software Providers Syncsort and Vision Solutions


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