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Our Top 50 Big Data Blog Posts – EVER!

In honor of Syncsort’s inclusion on Database Trends and Applications Big Data 50 List, we’ve rounded up our top 50 Big Data blog posts – EVER!

Reviewing our top 50 list, some common themes arose, including a few other companies from the Big Data 50 List. Let us know –  which is your favorite?

How Big Data is Changing our World

Big Data has made a big impact on our world. Some of our most popular posts in our Top 50 Big Data list illuminate how Big Data is changing the way business is run as well as advancing new technology.

How Big is Big Data? Big Data Examples

1. Editor’s pick: Big Data Industries: 5 Industries Being Reshaped by Data Analytics
Did you know that farmers are leveraging data analytics? See the other traditional industries where Big Data is making an impact.

2. Actually, It’s More than Actuarials: Big Data for Insurance

3. Big Data vs. Market Research: Which Can Increase Your Business Intelligence?

4. Big Data Meets the Little Drone

5. The Big Data of Robotics

6. How Big Data is Transforming the World of Finance

Hortonworks – We Love Hadoop, and So Does Our Audience

Hortonworks has been known to appear on a DBTA Big Data 50 List or two. We’re proud to partner with Hortonworks to provide Big Data solutions.


7. Editor’s Pick: Your Guide for Hadoop Cluster Capacity Planning
What kind of hardware do you need to run a Hadoop environment? How do you configure it? These questions may be easier to figure out than you think!

8. Hadoop MapReduce: to Sort or Not to Sort

9. Best of 2016: Top 5 Big Data Blogs – It’s All About Hadoop

10. Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Big Data & Hadoop

11. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo … To Which Hadoop Option Should I Go?

12. Offloading Mainframe to Hadoop: How Much Can You Save?

13. Who’s Using Hadoop? And What are They Using It For?

14. How Hadoop is Transforming Telecom

15. 10 Completely Free Resources for Sharpening Your Skills in Hadoop

16. Moving Data into Hadoop Faster

17. Perspective on Strata + Hadoop World: Big Data – the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

18. Offloading ELT Workloads with Hadoop. A No-Coding Approach.

19. How Big Data & Hadoop are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

20. Hadooponomics: Not Optional, It’s Essential for Big Data

21. Expert Ideas About Making Hadoop Work for Your Business

22. Expert Interview with Alex Rosenthal from Guardian about Mainframe Offload to Hadoop

23. Testing the Waters: How to Get a Hadoop Data Lake Set Up Right

Databricks – It Only Takes a Spark

Databricks is another frequent flier of the Big Data 50 List, and deservedly so. Spark has really caught fire in recent years.

24. Editor’s Pick: Syncsort Big Data Integration – Streaming and Kafka and Spark, Oh My!
You’ll “heart” this Oz-themed post because it shows the “brains” behind Syncsort’s integration solutions that give you the “courage” to tackle your streaming data initiatives.

25. What Spark “Structured Streaming” Really Has to Offer

26. Expert Interview (Part 1): Reynold Xin, Databricks Chief Architect and Founder, on Driving Forces Behind Major Changes to Spark 2.x

27. Expert Interview (Part 2): Databricks’ Reynold Xin on Structured Streaming, Apache Kafka and the Future of Spark

The Mainframe’s Role in Big Data, including IBM & Splunk

Mainframe’s are the unsung heroes of Big Data. The Big Data 50 list would not be complete without the mention of IBM & Splunk – true mainframe champions for Big Data!

Expert Trevor Eddolls suggests making your mainframe the center of your cloud computing

28. Editor’s Pick: Breathing New Life into the Mainframe
Mainframes are a powerful part of today’s business world, serving more than half of all Fortune 500 companies and handling as much as 80% of the world’s daily transactions. See what’s keeping them alive and well.

29. 6 Industries Where Mainframes are Still King

30. Big Iron to Big Data: Mainframe to Hadoop with Apache Sqoop

31. Why Customers Want to Get Real-Time Mainframe Big Data into Splunk

32. Splunk the Mainframe: Big Iron to Big Data in Las Vegas

33. Expert Interview Series: IBM’s Holden Karau on Hadoop, ETL, Machine Learning and the Future of Spark, Part 1 

34. Expert Interview Series: IBM’s Holden Karau on Hadoop, ETL, Machine Learning and the Future of Spark, Part 2 

35. Techniques for Building Data Lakes for z/OS Big Data for Machine Learning with Ironstream

36. Syncsort Fast-Tracks Mining of SMF Data for Pipeline to Splunk Enterprise: Ironstream Now Filters Mainframe Big Data

Rounding out the Top 50 Big Data Blog Posts

These posts are simply in a class all their own.

Big Data depiction

37. Editor’s Pick: Data Quality Study Guide – A Review of Use Cases & Trends
Without quality data, your data insights are questionable. Get an overview of everything DQ, from the basics through current use cases and trends.

38. The Difference Between Real Time, Near-Real Time, and Batch Processing in Big Data

39. 4 Benefits of Using Apache Kafka in Lieu of AMQP or JMS

40. 3 Alternatives to MapReduce Programming

41. The Best Books on Big Data for 2015

42. 5 Big Data Experts Who Caught Your Attention This Year

43. The Sexiest Platforms for Streaming Big Data in 2017

44. Expert Interview: Dakshinamurthy V. Kolluru of INSOFE on Data Science and Big Data Analytics

45. What is Apache Kafka, and Do I Need It?

46. Expert Interview Series: Cyber Security with Apache Metron and Storm

47. Simply the Best: Introducing the Absolute Best Big Data Open Source Software for 2017

48. Visualization for Big Data

49. Expert Interview (Part 1): Co-Founder Neha Narkhede on Origins of Confluent and Kafka

50. It’s More Than Science: 5 Soft Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist

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