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At Splunk .conf 2017: New Ways to Gain Business Insights and Meet Compliance Requirements from Mobile, Web and Mainframe Data

More and more organizations are looking for ways to access Mainframe data and make it available for business intelligence in next-generation analytics platforms. Splunk’s advanced visualization and analytics platform is a very popular target for diverse sources of enterprise-wide data, including mainframe. Syncsort designed Ironstream to provide total visibility into the z/OS environment by delivering mainframe machine data to Splunk® Enterprise and other Splunk platforms to provide unmatched analysis supporting IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Security Information & Event Management, and IT Service Intelligence.

To address current initiatives that are key to many of our customers, yesterday at Splunk .conf, Syncsort announced a new addition and a new partnership to its innovative Ironstream® solution that enables collection of log data from SMF, RMF, Syslog and other z/OS sources, and forwards that data in real time to the Splunk® Enterprise analytics platform.

How to Gain Visibility into Business Services Across Mobile, Web and Mainframe Platforms

Our new product offering is Ironstream® Transaction Tracing, which enables IT staff with minimal mainframe knowledge to get deep insight into how web-based and mobile transactions impact the mainframe, with unprecedented granularity that enables them to quickly identify and solve service problems and improve customer satisfaction.

Highlights of Transaction Tracing include:

  • Expanding Visibility into the Total End-user Experience: Tracks transactions initiated on and off the mainframe – including mobile and web platforms – and feeds data in real-time to Splunk Enterprise to take advantage of its advanced analytics and visualization.
  • Providing Deeper Visibility into Mainframe Impact: Provides critical information on overall transaction response time, with the ability to drill-down into transaction details including time spent, and resources consumed, on CICS and Db2 on z/OS.
  • Supporting Business Service Management Initiatives: Enables transaction problem isolation and resolution for long-running transactions, to meet SLAs, improving application performance and end-user experience.
  • Support for Splunk IT Service Intelligence: Allows Splunk® IT Service Intelligence users to drill-down to see added detail for transactions that hit key mainframe resources and proactively respond to slow growing problems within CICS and Db2 that might impact business critical SLAs.

To learn more about Ironstream Transaction Tracing, watch our recorded webcast: End-to-End Transaction Visibility from Mobile Devices to Your Mainframe

Carahsoft Partners with Syncsort to Address Compliance for the Public Sector

Another key use case that mainframe data is needed to address is compliance. Yesterday, we also announced we have forged a distribution partnership with Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider™ Carahsoft. Carahsoft’s network of specialized resellers will market and sell Syncsort Ironstream® to deliver real-time mainframe machine data to Splunk® Enterprise, helping government agencies meet regulatory requirements.

This new partnership will allow federal, state and local agencies to get a handle on all enterprise data, including mainframe, required to meet compliance needs. The combination of Ironstream and Splunk® Enterprise also provides a way to get valuable insights to support their ITOA, Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence initiatives. The distribution agreement makes Ironstream a formal part of the solution set for Carahsoft resellers.

Download our eBook: Ironstream in the Real-World for ITOA, ITSI, SIEM

Syncsort and Carahsoft, and their expert government resellers will work together to provide a complete solution that helps agencies comply with strict regulations, such as IRS publication 1075 tax information security requirements, and save money by improving operations and preventing erroneous or fraudulent payments.

To learn more about the new Ironstream product and our partnership with Carahsoft, watch Video: CEO Josh Rogers on Innovations with Ironstream for Splunk and Recent Company Success


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