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Transaction Visibility from Mobile to Mainframe

Your most visible and strategic business services rely on transactions that originate on a mobile or web-based platform and connect to back-end applications on a mainframe. You’re likely monitoring these services 24/7 for potential problems impacting response times and performance – but do you have the details you need to identify and fix problems when they arise on the mainframe?

In our recent webcast End-to-End Transaction Visibility from Mobile Devices to Your Mainframe, our experts Ed Hallock and Ian Hartley take a closer look at end-to-end transaction tracing, including new mainframe transaction visibility.

The Transaction Tracing Challenge

The growth of large-scale business services incorporating web and mobile apps has exploded. There is a greater reliance on mainframe than ever before. This is particularly true for industries such as banking, insurance, financial services, retail and healthcare.

The mobile transactions connecting to back-end applications hosted on the mainframe tend to be very visible – not only to customers, but also partners and executives. This new level of attention adds an extra layer of incentive to avoid issues such as delayed response times or outages.

To ensure reliable performance, you are likely monitoring the overall end-user experience to detect potential problems, but have limited information as the transaction crosses the mainframe. You probably know how long a transaction spends on the mainframe, but until now have had no way monitoring the transaction as it move through mainframe systems, including CICS and Db2. This lack of visibility can create significant challenges including impact to service levels.

Watch our webcast: End-to-End Transaction Visibility from Mobile Devices to Your Mainframe

The Solution: End-to-End Transaction Tracing

Transaction tracing enables organizations to get deep insight into web-based and mobile transactions on the mainframe with unprecedented granularity.

In his recent two-part blog post, our principal engineer Ian Hartley describes exactly what there is to see “on the dark side of the moon” and then details how our new product gets you there.

Syncsort Ironstream® Transaction Tracing leverages Ironstream® to deliver IBM z/OS machine data in real-time to leading platforms for operational analytics, like Splunk®. The slide below provides more detail into how it works.

How does end-to-end transaction tracing work? (including mainframe transaction visibility)

This slide from Ed and Ian’s recent webcast details how cross-platform transaction tracing works, including mainframe transaction visibility

See Cross-Platform Transaction Tracing in Action

Ironstream® Transaction Tracing gives you the information you need to quickly spot problems and gain deep insight into a transaction’s impact on the mainframe – no matter where it originates.

Watch the recorded webcast for a full demo of the Ironstream® Transaction Tracing. See how to integrate with leading operational analytics platforms, such as Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk® IT Service Intelligence with a minimal footprint, easy installation and low overhead – with no mainframe expertise required.

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