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Managed Resilience Services Open up Possibilities for a Large Company

Vision Solutions, who recently merged with Syncsort, has been in the business of high availability and disaster recovery for more than two decades. The article below is an update to their popular 2016 blog post summarizing how managed resilience services at a large organization made a big difference in realizing the benefits of disaster recovery readiness.

Managed Services for High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Managed Services from Vision Solutions help businesses of all sizes meet their High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) needs and accomplish far more than they could with only in-house staff. One large multinational food company did not realize the true potential of their HA/DR environment until they started using managed services. (Read also: Planned or Unplanned, All Downtime is Bad)

The organization had been using Vision Solution’s HA/DR tools since 2000, but managing their own environment. It was only after a conversation with a Vision representative in 2012 that the company realized just how much they were struggling to keep up with high HA/DR demands and how managed services could solve that problem.

“Vision Solutions Managed Services has been like adding a dedicated employee to our MIMIX task,” said a spokesperson for the company. After service personnel presented the company with options, the management team chose one and Vision Solutions was on their way.

“[Installation] was as easy as getting consultants to their systems. We got started right away,” said Lee Walkky, Director of Professional Services at Vision solutions.

SoR-Disaster Recovery Plan

In the time the company has used Vision Solutions Managed Resilience Services, it has remained consistently impressed with such aspects as the consistency, competency and responsiveness of the service. And, when it installed MIMIX into one of their overseas locations without the luxury of training or time for onboarding, they leaned on managed services to narrow the skills gap.

“We enjoy the confidence in our MIMIX replication because of the managed services,” said the spokesperson, “The weekly reports and scheduled meetings provide a huge protection to our company’s iSeries operation.”

Just like this large enterprise food company, smaller and medium size businesses can also take advantage of personalized services. “I think all customers can learn from the success [the food company] has had,” said Walkky, “They have experts taking care of [their environment] who will be there whey than need it and it frees up resources for other high priority projects.”

Currently, the company has developed a regular, consistent plan in using managed services. It has also developed the confidence they had ever since the first installation to the point where the mere presence of managed services provides peace of mind. “We now schedule switches without any concern at all,” said the spokesperson, “We feel protected.”

Managed Resilience Services Adds Security

Vision Solutions recently announced the availability of its expanded managed resilience offering to include managed security services to monitor Enforcive IT security products. The latest offering builds upon the existing managed HA/DR offerings, including day-to-day management of MIMIX, iTERA, OMS/ODS and Enforcive environments to ensure systems remain protected and available.

Vision Solutions carefully studies the causes and effects of planned and unplanned downtime and releases an annual comprehensive survey report that reflects what’s really going on with the state of HA/DR in business. Download their free 2018 State of Resilience report to review the latest findings.


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