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New eBook! IT Operations Checklist for z/OS Mainframes

For decades, monitoring the overall health of IT components running on the IBM z/OS mainframe has been relegated to vendors specializing in real-time monitoring of performance and availability. While they provide deep analysis into the individual technology silos, there’s still a gap in the overall approach to providing an integrated and holistic view of IT operations within the mainframe environment.

For a comprehensive start to ensuring the health, availability, and security of your z/OS mainframe systems, download our new eBook IT Operations Checklist for z/OS Mainframe.

Download our new free eBook: IT Operations Checklist for z/OS Mainframes

Explore how new technologies have emerged that enable you to capture mainframe information and quickly move it to an open-system based analytics platform to be integrated, correlated, analyzed, and visualized.

Get the eBook now!

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