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Top 10 Big Data Blogs of 2017 – Streaming Data *Spark*les

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re reviewing our best content of the year starting with the best of our Big Data blogs. While last year was all about Hadoop, 2017 can easily be considered the year of streaming data (and Spark).

Let’s get this countdown started!

#10 Simply the Best: Introducing the Absolute Best Big Data Open Source Software for 2017

Back in January, open source software was taking the world of Big Data and analytics by storm – so much so that it was hard to keep track of all the open source data tools out there. Here’s our guide to the top open source data products we anticipated leading the market in 2017, including Spark and Kafka. Read more >

#9  4 Ways to Use Dark Data

If you’re like most organizations, you collect a lot of dark data – which means data that you don’t put to work. But your data doesn’t have to stay dark. Keep reading for examples of ways you can put dark data to use by using it to gain new insights. Read more >

#8  Just How Big is Big Data, Anyway?

You know that Big Data involves lots of data. But have you ever stopped to think about just how much data, exactly, goes into Big Data? In other words, how big is Big Data, actually? Read more >

#7  Expert Interview: Dakshinamurthy V. Kolluru of INSOFE on Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Dakshinamurthy V. Kolluru is the Founder & President of INSOFE (International School of Engineering), an organization that champions training & certification, consulting, research and product development in Data Science and Big Data Analytics. His expertise lies in simplifying complex ideas and communicating them in clear and exciting ways. Read more >

#6  Big Data and DevOps

If you work with Big Data, you might not think DevOps has much to do with you – and vice versa. But you’d be wrong. Here’s why Big Data and DevOps make sense together. Read more >

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#5  5 Big Data Experts Who Caught Your Attention This Year

Not all expert interviews are created equal. Here are the five most popular Big Data experts we spoke to in the first half of 2017, including our conversations with Spark‘s Xin and INSOFE’s Kolluru. See who else made the cut. Read more >

#4  Expert Interview (Part 2): Databricks’ Reynold Xin on Structured Streaming, Apache Kafka and the Future of Spark

Reynold Xin is the Chief Architect for Spark core at Databricks and one of Spark’s founding fathers. During his interview with Syncsort’s Paige Roberts, he discusses the details on the driving factors behind Spark 2.0 and its newest features. Read more >

#3  Big Data Industries: 5 Industries Being Reshaped by Data Analytics

You’ve heard all about Big Data and the theory behind it. But do you know how data analytics are actually being used to change the way we work in the real world? Keep reading for an overview of five industries and how they are being reshaped by data analytics. Read more >

#2  The Sexiest Platforms for Streaming Big Data in 2017

At the cusp of 2017, there were still quite a number of Big Data products and platforms to pick from to assemble an infrastructure that meets your needs. In this blog post from January, we lined up the sexiest prospects for streaming Big Data to ramp up your 2017 projects. Read more >

#1  Big Data 101: Dummy’s Guide to Batch vs. Streaming Data

Are you trying to understand Big Data and data analytics, but are confused by the difference between streaming data and batch data processing? If so, our most popular blog post of the year is for you! Read more >

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Big Data blogs this year. For a look ahead, check out our report, 2018 Big Data Trends: Liberate, Integrate & Trust, to see what every business needs to know in the upcoming year about Big Data, including 5 key trends to watch for in the next 12 months!

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