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Top 10 Data Quality Blogs of 2017 – Understanding Its Value in a Big Data World

Our Best of 2017 series continues with a look at our top data quality blogs of the year. With Syncsort’s addition of Trillium Software, we shared a number of posts around the value data quality brings across the full spectrum of data-based business initiatives.

Let the countdown begin! Here’s a look at this year’s most popular data quality blogs:

#10 Using Data Quality to Create the “Golden Record” – Part 3: Common Use Cases in an Online World

As part of this “Golden Record” series which spoke to the importance of validating and enriching data fields in your customer database — email, telephone, mailing and IP address — to attract and retain business. This final part of the 3-part series reviews the most common use cases for “Golden Records.” Read more >

#9 Big Data Context: Targeting Relevant Data that’s Fit for Purpose

During this year’s Enterprise Data World conference, it was clear that many organizations are wrestling with the rapid changes in information management and governance necessitated, and many are assessing where they are in this process, even questioning “where to start?”  Read more >

#8 The Value Wedge: What Data IS, DOES, and MEANS in Data Governance and Data Quality Initiatives

If you’ve followed the enterprise software industry over the past ten years, you’ve probably picked up on a key trend that has led successful vendors to prominence and others to their demise – making data “fit for purpose.” To be successful, you need to have a good understanding about what your data IS, what it DOES, and the value wedge of what it MEANS to your organization. Read more >

#7  How Much Is Big Data Worth? A Lot, When It’s Quality Data

You know Big Data is important for business. But do you know just how important – in terms of cold, hard cash – it is, or how to maximize data’s value? If not, this post is for you. Read more >

#6  Data Governance Review: From Basics to the Latest News & Trends

As part of our educational “Summer School” blog series, this guide to data governance pulls together a number of resources on the matter – everything from a basic introduction to today’s top trends. Read more >

#5  Why Data Quality is Essential for Real-Time Fraud Detection

Which weapons do you store in your fraud-detection arsenal? If data quality tools aren’t among them, then you’re not doing all you can to catch and disrupt fraudulent transactions.  Here’s why it’s essential for fraud detection. Read more >

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#4  Data Quality and GDPR Are Top of Mind at Collibra Data Citizens ’17

Trillium Software participated and was a sponsor for our partner Collibra at their annual Collibra Data Citizens ’17 conference in Jersey City. There were some key takeaways as to what data governance challenges were front and center with over 350 attendees, and what kinds of related solutions attracted their attention. Read more >

#3  Machine Learning is Great, But Only when Powered by Data Quality

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are reshaping the technology world. But machine learning is only as effective as the data that drives it. In other words, if you want to implement effective machine learning, you need to pay attention to data quality. Read more >

#2  Data Quality Study Guide – A Review of Use Cases & Trends

Another post from our educational “Summer School” blog series, this data quality guide reviews its use cases and current trends. Read more >

#1  What is Data Quality? Explaining What Data Quality Actually Means

If you work with data, you’ve probably heard the term data quality more than a few times. But what is it? Do you know what data quality actually means, and what data quality analysts do? If not, this article’s for you. Read more >

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