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Top 10 Mainframe Blogs of 2017 – The Kingdom Undergoes Transformation

We’ve saved the best for last! We’re rounding out our “Best of 2017” series with a look at our most popular mainframe blogs of the year. While the tried and true mainframe continues to play a critical role for the enterprise, it is also evolving to keep up with today’s technological such as Big Data analytics and the Cloud.

As Casey Kasem would say, “Let’s count ’em down!”

#10 State of the Mainframe: What Every Business Needs to Know About Big Iron and Big Data

Since the introduction of the IBM System/360 in the mid-1960s, “Big Iron” (aka mainframes) has played an important role in information processing in many global organizations. Fast forward to 2017 where IBM z Systems are still playing a significant, albeit evolving, role within most large organizations. Read more >

#9 What’s Trending in Big Iron to Big Data: The Rise of Mainframe Data and Data Movement Technologies

The big question today is how the role of the mainframe is being impacted by evolving IT infrastructures and corporate demands on IT teams. Let’s look at what’s trending in Big Iron to Big Data right now.  Read more >

#8 The DevOps Revolution and Mainframe Careers

If you want to succeed in your IT career today, you need to know (or at least have an understanding of) DevOps. Where do mainframe skills fit into that picture? Find out in this post about mainframe careers in the age of DevOps. Read more >

#7 Splunk the Mainframe: Big Iron to Big Data in Las Vegas

What a great week and “journey” it was in Las Vegas during the Splunk Global Partner Summit at FY’18 SKO. The energy generated by the Splunk employees alone could have powered Vegas for the week. See our highlights from the event. Read more >

#6 What’s Trending in Mainframe: Emerging IT Strategies from World-Class Organizations

A look at three predicted mainframe trends that are tracking as IT strategies at many of the world’s leading companies around security and compliance, diminishing mainframe talent and new technologies. Read more >

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#5 Mainframe History: How Mainframes Have Changed Over the Years

Mainframes have one of the longest histories of any kind of computing technology that is still used today. In fact, mainframe history is far too long to pack into a single blog post. But Christopher Tozzi gives it his best try. Keep reading for a (very) brief history of mainframe computing. Read more >

#4 Linux vs. z/OS: Which Is the Best Fit for Your Mainframe?

If you run an IBM mainframe today, you have to choose between two great operating systems options to power it: Linux vs. z/OS. How do you decide? Here’s a guide to choosing the right operating system for your IBM mainframe. Read more >

#3 5 of the Hottest IT Trends (and How Mainframes Play a Role)

Mainframe is not on most people’s lists of the hottest words in tech. Additionally, mainframes may seem disconnected from modern IT trends, but the latest practices and innovations are being applied to mainframes. Here’s how. Read more >

#2 Why Mainframes Matter in the Age of Cloud Computing

Has cloud computing killed mainframes? You might think so. In fact, mainframes remain supremely important, even in the age of the cloud. Here’s why. Read more >

#1 6 Industries Where Mainframes are Still King

Ever wonder why companies like IBM are still selling mainframes? Hint: It’s not because they’re living in the past. It’s because the mainframe is still crucial in a number of industries. Read more >

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Mainframe blogs this year. For a look ahead, check out our 2018 State of the Mainframe report to see the 5 key trends to watch for in 2018 as well as IT professionals’ top objectives for improving performance and saving money over the next 12 months.

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