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How to Ensure Enough Processing Power to Meet Business Requirements

How does an organization manage a rapidly-changing environment when customers are expecting information in 11 seconds or less? That was the problem one of clients recently tackled.

In our latest case study, Financial Services Organization Needs to Provide Answers in 11 Seconds or Less, the client needed to guarantee they could process a loan application and provide a response to its customers within 11 seconds. Yet the organization had no mechanism to ensure there was enough processing power to ensure this would happen, nor a plan (or capacity manager) in place as the business continued to grow.

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The organization started by hiring a single person, a capacity manager, to implement and mature a capacity management process. The next step was for this new hire to select a software solution that would automate much of the process and provide all the data and information needed to make solid recommendations and decisions.

The capacity manager recommended and senior management chose Athene™.

Read the full case study to learn more about their process and how a strong, visible capacity management process is vital for an organization’s success.

Bonus! Watch our latest webcast: Methods of Forecasting for Capacity Management


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