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When Humans Fumble, HA/DR Recovers

Vision Solutions, which recently merged with Syncsort, has been in the business of high availability and disaster recovery for more than two decades. The article below about the value of HA/DR solutions originally appeared on their blog.

Last year, an IT failure threw a major airline carrier into chaos, as flight cancellations affected hundreds of thousands of customers and caused the airline to suffer an embarrassing PR nightmare. Systems and operations have since recovered, but the lessons learned from it reverberate for the many businesses and organizations that remain vulnerable to the cause of this issue: human error.

Despite technology’s rapid evolution, there still isn’t a software or hardware solution that can protect against a well-intentioned administrator mistyping a command or a trained and talented engineer disconnecting power when not supposed to. And when human error accounts for 22 percent of data center outages—by far the primary cause of downtime—the best protection against these on-the-job missteps is reliable recovery should an event occur.

SoR-Disaster Recovery Plan

The goal of any good high availability and disaster recovery program is to keep a replicated, in-sync version of a production server and its data always ready in case of a site or server outage or human error. That way, business can continue as normal with little to no downtime. For the major airline, that would have meant no canceled flights, no piles of lost luggage, and no news stories like this. What would industry-leading HA/DR mean for you? Protected brand reputation? Customer retention? Safeguards against loss of critical data? Cost savings? For many businesses, the answer is all of the above—and more!

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