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A New Brand: Reflecting the Present, Preparing for the Future

Over the last couple years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing first hand the remarkable transformation taking place at Syncsort. In that time, we have tripled our revenue, more than doubled the number of talented employees, and established a definitive leadership position in a segment of the data management software market that we call Big Iron to Big Data.

Today, we proudly talk about our more than 7,000 customers, our deep engineering & product relationships with leading next-generation analytics platform providers, and that we transact business in more than 100 countries. You can feel the palpable sense of excitement that has been building within our company.

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Embarking on a Journey to Energize the Brand

An important part of transforming any business is being honest about areas where more focus is needed. Our leadership team has known for some time that a brand refresh was in order. We recognized the need for a new brand identity that honors our heritage, reflects the company we are today, and accommodates our ambitions for the future.

With strong support from Centerbridge Partners, the private investment firm that acquired Syncsort in the summer of 2017, we embarked on our brand journey last fall. We were determined to infuse the Syncsort brand with meaning and make it stand for the very best in the market. As the May 2018 public unveiling of our new brand approaches, we are well on our way.

Syncsort Brand Refresh: Reflecting the Present, Preparing for the Future

Building an Authentic Brand Starts with our Employees

We have learned a lot and come to fully appreciate that brand building is about so much more than marketing or hiring some fancy brand agency, although I cannot say enough about my amazing marketing team at Syncsort and the incredible work of our London-based agency team at Text100. Branding is about ensuring clarity, creating recognition and connecting emotionally. It is about our culture – being a purpose-driven company and employer of choice. It starts with our employees.

As part of an intensive research phase that kicked off our branding initiative, we had hundreds of employees across all levels and functions within the company complete detailed surveys sharing their views on our brand and business. My favorite question was the one about what fictional character or personality Syncsort would be and why. As you might imagine, we have some creative employees and answers ranged from Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Flash to Santa Claus (always delivers!).

Syncsort Brand Refresh: Reflecting the Present, Preparing for the Future

As part of the brand building workshops, groups of employees were asked to draw Syncsort as a person.

Dozens of employees around the world participated in brand building workshops in New York and London. We also completed stakeholder interviews with customers, partners, and key leaders from across the company. In taking a research-driven approach and putting in the work, we are not only creating a stronger brand, but also an authentic one. A new brand created by our employees with valuable input from customers and partners.

Looking Forward to Rollout in May

Bringing our employees along on our brand journey has been incredibly rewarding. Our employees work so hard to support each other and to deliver value to our customers every day. To see them respond with such excitement to our new brand visuals, themes and messaging has been beyond satisfying.

We truly can’t wait to share our new brand, visual identity and website with our customers, partners and the entire world. We are proud of the way we have grown and transformed Syncsort. Our brand journey has always been about making deeper connections with all of you.

Stay tuned!

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