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Video: Syncsort CTO on Trends in Data Science, Streaming & Cloud, and their Impact on Data Governance

During Strata Data Conference 2018 in San Jose, California, Syncsort CTO, Dr. Tendü Yoğurtçu sat down with theCUBE co-hosts George Gilbert and Lisa Martin at Big Data SV 2018. In the recorded interview, they discuss three key industry trends in Data Science, streaming and the Cloud, and how all of them create data governance challenges.

Watch the video to learn more about what organizations are doing as they work to make data their core strategy, and how Syncsort is working to help them.

Video: Syncsort CTO on Trends in Data Science, Streaming & Cloud, and their Impact on Data Governance

Data Science Trends Complicate Data Governance

First, Tendü talks about how organizations are focused on preparing data for deep learning and artificial intelligence use. She also addresses how the data must be trusted to use with these technologies, heightening the importance of data integration and data quality to prepare, cleanse and match data.  Should we add supervised learning to this?  Tendü also addresses the advantage Syncsort has in having domain expertise to infuse machine learning algorithms and connect data profiling with data quality capabilities. That approach could help organizations recommend business rules and automate the mandated tasks.

Ensuring Data Governance Doesn’t Get “Cloudy”

Tendü explains that many organizations now have multiple workloads in hybrid clouds, creating governance challenges as well as necessitating more scoping and planning for the Cloud. She points out that Data Governance is the “umbrellas focus for everything we are doing at Syncsort,” because these other trends and developing next generation analytics environments require good data governance. The big driver is regulatory compliance, such as GDPR, which is “on the mind of every C-level exec” – not just for European companies – since most companies have European data sources in their environments. Security and availability of the data are key, and another critical aspect is delivering high quality data to data scientists.

Tendü talks about the importance of Syncsort’s design once, deploy anywhere strategy to enable organizations to run the same applications, without requiring any changes, across all their environments.

Data Governance Must Swim Up and Down Stream

Tendü also discussed another macro trend – streaming with connected devices. So much data is being generated, driving the need to process and stream data on the edge. In addition, the Kafka data bus is now a streaming data consumer, publishing data and making it available for applications and analytics in the data pipeline. Syncsort helps meet the resulting data governance challenges by providing CDC and real-time data replication capabilities.

For more on industry on trends in Data Science can be game-changing for IT organizations, be sure to check out our Strata Data Conference recap tomorrow!

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