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New eBook! The Ultimate Guide to Mainframe Machine Data

Mainframe logs and data sources can provide a wealth of information about the operational health of your system while shedding light on potential security concerns. Syncsort’s latest eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Mainframe Machine Data, takes a look at the different data sources and how they can be used to best benefit your organization.

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Companies are looking to incorporate mainframe logs into their analytics processes to get a bigger and more complete picture of what’s happening in their IT environments. Mainframe machine data can be correlated and analyzed along with data from other systems to obtain Big Data insights that you can trust and confidently act on.

This eBook focuses on:

  • SMF Data
  • Syslog Data
  • UNIX System (USS) Files
  • Log4j Data
  • And more!

Download the eBook now and explore how mainframe data can provide valuable insight.


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