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Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

I attended my first Collibra Data Citizens event this past week. There was a lot to see and a lot to learn at Collibra’s celebration of their 10th birthday. My on-line Twitter world crossed over a lot into the event and back. Much of the catchiest bits of wisdom were captured in the #DataCitizens18 Twitter stream. Also, one of the highlights of the event for me, personally, was meeting some cool data governance consultants who had been Twitter friends with me for a long time, but who I hadn’t met in person before. I ran into Gary Allemann, aka @MDM_ZA, and got to meet data governance consultant, Kenny Scott, who did a presentation on some projects he’s been doing, and how Syncsort’s Trillium Discovery and Collibra were a big help. I even grabbed a quick interview with Nicola Askham, aka @Nicola_Askham, a data gov pro from the UK, who has been a great source of info for me for many years. So, watch for that interview, coming soon to a blog post near you. In light of the big Twitter/event crossover, this blog post will be almost entirely made up of tweets from the #DataCitizens18 stream.

Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence - banner

Syncsort made a big announcement for the event. Here it is in case you missed it:

Timothy King‏ @BigData_Review  – News: @syncsort and @collibra announce joint #GDPR solution at #DataCitizens18.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are big drivers toward having better governed data, as well as showing up in the Collibra roadmap for improved user experience.

Paige Roberts‏ @RobertsPaige – #DataGovernance is ripe for #AI to improve it, make it easier to use. We’re coming out with a new AI service to automate some #DataGov processes. – @collibra CEO Felix Van de Maele

Jake Wilcox‏ @JWilcoxMBA – The Power of AI is endless, but it starts with the data.

Nicola Askham‏ @Nicola_Askham – Great example of #AI fail at #DataCitizens18

DataCitizens18_Puppies_or_Muffins - Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

Timothy Martin‏ @tmartinNYC – Stan Christiaens “AI is just a decision-making tool like BI. Its shooting yourself in the foot with a machine gun vs a hand gun”

Paige Roberts‏ @RobertsPaige – In the future, AI will decide if we get a loan, get that job, etc. “#AI without #Datagovernance is unethical.” – @collibra CEO at #DataCitizens18 – Sounds very similar to what @kjam said: 

– It’s very easy to go from artificial intelligence to artificial stupidity if we do not govern our data – (quote from Jo Coutuer, CDO of BNP Paribas Fortis)

David Menninger‏ @dmenningervr .@stichris researching accountable & explainable #AI algorithms can help solve this problem

Artificial_Intelligence_Artificial_Stupidity - Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

Of course, there was a lot of great, tips and tricks from folks in the know, on the difficulties of implementing data governance initiatives, and how to overcome them:

Empresspht @Empresspht – For governance to be successful it needs to be on data that matters.

– Josselyn from The Economist – Level of satisfaction in data has room for improvement. Data governance expanding beyond security and compliance and becoming more proactive to meet broader business objectives.

– Simon from Collibra – Business finds reports more valuable than raw data. Many data problems are really transparency problems in creation of reports.

– Dell Paul Hogan – Data governance allows us to make sure the right people see the right data to do their job.

Ann Wuyts‏ @vintfalken Big opportunity for additional value for your data: find new users. People who did not have access, or units who don’t have the capabilities themselves, and turn them into your Data Citizens. – @dsholler at #DataCitizens18

Collibra @collibra Got data lake problems? Susan Twadell from @CoxAutomotive and Collibra’s @collibraKoen are telling us how to use catalogs to turn your data lake into something your organization can use to propel #digitalbusiness.

Ann Wuyts‏ @vintfalken “Market your Data Governance Project as if it was a product to sell it to sales & marketing. Raise awareness and fuel desire!” Great advice at #DataCitizens18

More good advice can be found in the new Syncsort ebook:

Tendu Yogurtcu @TenduYogurtcu – How to Succeed in the New Age of #Data with Your #DataQuality Strategy – 

One of the highlights of the Collibra Data Citizens conference was a keynote by Paul De Podesta, of Moneyball fame. It really put the theory aspect of data governance into perspective. Just getting people to become data driven, rather than doing things the way they always have, is half the data governance battle:

Nathan Lynn‏ @NathanLynn962 Listening to keynote from Paul De Podesta and his story that the movie Moneyball is based upon. He quoted Thomas Paine, “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right”.

FirstSanFranPartners @1stSanFrancisco “Ask the naive question: if we weren’t already doing it this way, is this the way we would have started?” Paul De Podesta, Cleveland Browns Chief Strategy Officer, entrepreneur & subject of #Moneyball

Empresspht @Empresspht – Paul De Podesta. People like routines over change. This can be a real issue to get rid of processes that cause negative outcomes.

David Menninger‏ @dmenningervr Wonder how De Podesta deals with Lake Wobegon issue — everyone can’t be above average. Aren’t all teams doing Moneyball today?

DataCitizens18_MoneyBall_Art_of_Winning_an_Unfair_Game - Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

Data management practitioner, Kenny Scott’s, presentation on How Data Quality Can Define Your Customer put a lot of that in practical terms. Some exceptional bits I tweeted, myself, about from that:

#Datagovernance and #dataquality should be driven from the business, not the technology.

#DataQuality must be repeatable consistent processes. If you can’t do it again, it’s not solved.

Quality_and_Governance_Process - Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

#DataQuality shines a light on data issues, becomes a driver for #DataGovernance.

Data definitions are the heart of #DataGovernance. The people who need the data must define it.

Free format fields are the bane of #DataQuality processes.

People and process over technology.

Natural language business rules from @collibra pass to Trillium Discovery where they’re evaluated. Results passed back to Collibra.

With the integration between @Syncsort Trillium and @collibra, we can refresh as often as needed.

Collibra_Syncsort_Governance_Quality - Collibra Data Citizens – Data Governance Puts the Intelligence In Artificial Intelligence

Keith Kohl @keithkohl Thanks to our customer Kenny Scott for a great presentation on how to solve real world #DataQuality and #DataGovernance problems with @Syncsort and @collibra at #DataCitizens18

And Thanks to Collibra for a great event!

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