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Hot Topics at IDUG 2018: Data Analytics, Encryption and GDPR

From its humble beginnings back in 1988, the International DB2 Users Group has transformed to offer a range of content to its members, including educational events, technical courses, and yearly conferences – one of which took place in Philadelphia this year. The 2018 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference kicked off with a keynote speech by IDUG Founder Andrew Filipowski. He gave the audience a brief history of IDUG on this occasion of its 30th anniversary.

Hot Topics at IDUG 2018 - Data Analytics, Encryption and GDPR - banner

IDUG 2018 was a particularly vibrant meeting in a vibrant city. The setting for the conference was right in the middle of the megalopolis, the corridor of Boston to DC which made for an ideal location for attendees – many of whom could drive to the event instead of fly. It was an intimate conference with lots of networking, old friends and colleagues meeting and greeting, generous mind-sharing and experience sharing. Everyone was eager to hear what’s new, what’s better. All wanted to bring new perspectives back to their organizations.

While I was limited to attending the Solutions Center as an Exhibitor at the Syncsort booth I did get the chance to ask visitors what they found new and exciting at the conference.

Some were quite practical and said they were there to hear about user experiences during migrations to Db2 V 12.  Other were researching the concept of Db2 hybrid a combination of Db2 on premise and in the cloud. Our booth neighbor, Segus, had a steady stream of visitors inquiring about their Db2 compliance solutions. There was lots of buzz around compliance, particularly GDPR and encryption. Presentations were given to highlight best practices for GDPR compliance, as well as the latest techniques and security mechanisms used with Db2 to enhance a user’s database.

The Syncsort booth had a good turnout of visitors also inquiring about Ironstream, our z/OS forwarder of log data to Splunk and Elastic Stack, our solutions DL/2 and VS/2 for migrating IMS and VSAM data to DB2 and our legacy MFX and ZPSaver zIIP offload and sorting software.

Overall I can say this conference was about data – gaining access to data, processing data more quickly and efficiently, but mostly analyzing data for business insights. It was a great venue for Syncsort because our mantra is that we organize data everywhere to keep the world working.

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