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New White Paper! Causes and Effects of Data Breaches

Data breaches should alarm every organization. Their costs are increasing, dramatically in some cases, and their negative impacts may extend well beyond the event. Customers are more likely to sever relationships—and prospective customers are less likely to form new relationships—after a serious data breach. Syncsort’s white paper, “Causes and Effects of Data Breaches,” explains exactly what data breaches are, what causes them, the costs your organization might incur as a result of them, and how you can prevent them.

In addition to increasing costs, the frequency of data breaches is also rising. Our white paper focuses on three common types of data breach: human error, system glitch, criminal attack. Regardless of the type or size of a business, these factors can produce disastrous effects.

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However, by tightening security appropriately, organizations can greatly reduce the odds of becoming victims. Furthermore, they gain greater peace of mind, knowing that their most sensitive data is adequately protected.

Download our white paper today to find out more!

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