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Trading Migration Downtime Costs for Uptime Savings

Last year we conducted a series of surveys that gave us an interesting bird’s eye view of the migration landscape. We found that IT departments were consistently falling short of their RTOs and RPOs and executives lacked confidence in their recovery plans. We also learned out of the thousands of IT managers we talked to, nearly half were delaying migrations that could vastly improve their productivity and business continuity. Why? The high probability and risk of migration-related downtime.

Recently, the Ponemon Institute conducted a study that revealed downtime now costs businesses nearly $9,000 per minute. Turns out downtime concerns are not only founded, but might even be underestimated. IT managers are starting to sound like economists as they realize downtime incurs far more than the direct costs of lost revenue and productivity. Here are some of the new realizations:

It’s instant public knowledge

In the age of social media, downtime instantly creates a permanent, viral record on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Consumers have you at their fingertips

Today’s eCommerce marketplace is open 24x7x365. If your company’s site is down, consumers can simply choose to do business with one of your many global competitors.

You’re regulated

Though government regulations are growing at a massive rate year after year, just the simple fact that you accept credit card payments means downtime can result in fines.

Introducing the Latest in High Availability from Syncsort

This isn’t a post about downtime, though. It’s a post about uptime. All of those scenarios, and many more, are avoidable. Migrations no longer have to mean chaos, stress, overtime and budget overruns. Migrations can be fast, simple and can go virtually unnoticed by users. It’s real, it’s affordable and it’s easy.

Syncsort’s software enables near-zero downtime migrations. You can easily move workloads onto a new infrastructure and start saving money right away. Our replication technology migrates data while users remain online and productive, keeps systems in sync during testing, and performs the cutover to new systems in just minutes.

If you’re planning a migration this year, we can help. If you’d like to learn more, our MIMIX® Availability™ page explains how our technology can virtually eliminate migration downtime and allow you to move to new storage and platforms without risk.

Learn more about the latest in high availability in our on-demand webcast.

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