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Capacity Planning and the Mainframe at SHARE St. Louis

SHARE 2018 in St. Louis was different to me in several ways. This SHARE conference had a mixture of old and new as we began seeing the latest topics and methods in IT as it moves forward in enterprises.

The old was in the sessions that we see on what is new in the operating systems, the bits and bytes of various components, and how to perform our jobs better. The new offered a look at technologies that can make our IT lives much better. In the new arena, we began seeing discussions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The key to these items is how can we use them to an advantage in making our IT organizations stronger and more proactive. We’re beginning to see an increased focus on looking at IT from a business perspective and not just a technical one. The business needs to understand much of the heavy lifting of data is still performed on the mainframe in organizations. While we may not be the sexy cool kid on the block, we are critical to the business success.

How to Address the Top 5 Mainframe Security Vulnerabilities, Capacity Planning, SHARE

My presentation was called “Mainframe Capacity Management (Planning): Time to come out of the silo”. The purpose of the presentation was to provide thoughts on how to move the disciplines we have developed over the years to a new way of thinking within the organization. To take those disciplines and assist other areas within the organization we must understand the meaning of Capacity Planning and how we can present the information in new ways.

There was a discussion on why I call it Capacity Planning and not Capacity Management. My thoughts on the subject is using the word “Planning” is proactive and inclusive where “Management” is more of a reactionary thought process and activity. Within the room there was quite a bit of discussion on the topic with individuals from other organizations providing their views. This was the whole purpose of the presentation, to get people talking and sharing ideas. Everyone agreed that we need to look at Capacity Planning from the business perspective. The challenge now is how to gather the business information we need and how to speak mainframe Capacity Planning from a business perspective.

SHARE is always a good way to reconnect with colleagues from previous jobs and catch up on each other’s lives. The Expo was able to facilitate that interaction and see what was new from organizations.

I enjoy giving presentations at the conferences and look forward to more in the future.

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