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8 Great Conversations with Women in Big Data – See which women in tech we heard from this year

We interviewed so many talented women in tech this year, that we wanted to take a moment to highlight their extensive contributions here on the Syncsort blog.

Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach

Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, sat down with Syncsort’s Paige Roberts at this year’s Collibra Data Citizens event. Their two-part conversation covers the advantages of implementing data governance as an overall strategy and what goes into planning and starting a data governance initiative.

More more from the Data Governance Coach, watch our recent webcast cohosted by Askham and Roberts: AI Without Data Governance is Unethical

Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst of Data and Enterprise Intelligence, Ovum

In our three-part expert interview series with Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst for Data and Enterprise Intelligence at Ovum, she discusses General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bartley reviews the state of GDPR readiness and key challenges; how data quality, data availability and data lineage play into the GDPR landscape; and similar compliance regulations being adopted in other regions.

As a bonus, Bartley recently authored an analyst report for Ovum: Syncsort’s rebranding targets the modern enterprise decision-maker (URL coming)

Tobi Bosede, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Last fall, Roberts had a chance to meet up with Tobi Bosede, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, shortly after her presentation at Strata Data Conference in New York City. They covered a lot of ground during their three-part conversation, including what it means to be a machine learning engineer, predicting trading volumes by leveraging machine learning, and what it’s like to be a both a woman and person of color in today’s tech industry.

Roni Fontaine, Director of Product Marketing at Hortonworks

During the Spring Strata Data Conference in San Jose, Roberts spoke with Roni Fontaine, Director of Product Marketing at Hortonworks. During the two-part interview, Fontaine shares the what’s new at Hortonworks and the latest data landscape trends, as well as her perspective as a woman in tech.

The New Rules for Your Data Landscape

Katharine Jarmul, Founder of Kjamistan, Data Science Consultant and Author of Data Wrangling with Python

Roberts had a chance to chat with Katharine Jarmul after her Cloudera Sessions presentation on GDPR for the European data science community in Munich, Germany late last year. Jarmul is a data science consultant and founder of KJamistan, an American and Germany company that helps clients solve data problems. She is also the author of Data Wrangling with Python from O’Reilly. Jarmul and Roberts cover a lot of ground during their 4-part interview, including GDPR, machine learning, data ethics, anonymization and biased data.

Holden Karau, Developer Advocate at Google & Author of Learning Spark and High-Performance Spark

Roberts first interviewed Holden Karau in 2016, and was delighted to catch up with her again at the Strata Data Conference in New York City last fall. Since their last interview, Karau left her principal software engineer position at IBM to take on a role as Developer Advocate at Google. Karau is also a Spark committer and the author of Learning Spark. During this two-part blog series, they discuss the release of Karau’s newest book from O’Reilly as well as some upcoming new developments in Spark and the what lies ahead for the open source community.

Elise Roy, Consultant, Human-Centered Design

Elise Roy says that losing her hearing when she was 10 years old has been one of the greatest gifts she’s ever received. While she initially viewed her loss as something she had to deal with and overcome, she now sees her disability as an asset. Roy is currently leveraging her unique perspective to help organizations take a different approach to design. Her goal is to show the groups she works with that incorporating a deeper understanding of how the disabled navigate the world will lead to extraordinary innovation and results.

Rachel Warren, Senior Data Scientist, Salesforce

At last year’s Data Day event in Texas, Roberts had a chance to speak with Rachel Warren, Senior Data Scientist at Salesforce. Warren discusses how she got involved in tech and offers valuable advice for debugging and tuning Spark.

 What other women in Big Data should we interview? Add your suggestion to the comments below!

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