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New eBook! IBM i Encryption with FieldProc and Assure Encryption

Organizations of all sizes are deploying encryption to meet data security compliance requirements, protect intellectual property, and secure their customer’s personally identifiable information. Syncsort’s latest eBook, “IBM i Encryption with FieldProc and Assure Encryption,” explores the architecture, implementation, critical features and limitations of Field Procedures on the IBM i and points to some solutions to the primary challenges.

IBM introduced a Db2 database column level exit point named Field Procedures, or FieldProc, in release 7.1 of the IBM i operating system. This column-level exit point is implemented directly in the Db2 database and is invisible to applications that use that database.

IBM i Encryption with FieldProc and Assure Encryption: Protecting Data at Rest

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How the FieldProc exit point in the IBM i OS enables encrypting data at rest without application changes
  • The importance of encryption key management
  • Performance factors
  • Additional security controls

Download the eBook now!

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