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New White Paper! Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime

Syncsort has released a white paper, “Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime.” With the ever-increasing reliance of businesses upon their IT systems and electronically stored business data comes an equivalent increase in management’s duty to ensure due diligence and fiduciary responsibility with respects to protecting them against all causes of loss or damage. The potential costs of failing to do so can be enormous.

Fiduciary responsibility. Due diligence. Such are the key watchwords for businesses everywhere. Indeed, these simple phrases are in fact the core concepts underlying regulations that cover stockholder rights, contracts for merger and acquisitions, and many other ares of business conduct.

Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime

This white paper will address the assessment of threats to your IT operations, inclusive of systems, applications, and data, and will guide you through the process of developing solid numbers around the potential costs they represent.

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