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Learn Best Practices in IBM i Security from Syncsort’s Jeff Uehling

Managing your security and compliance on IBM i systems has become a moving target these days with threats that are constantly changing and new and expanding compliance regulations being introduced.

Marry that with changing user needs, new workloads, added internal and external interfaces and more, and it’s no surprise that your organization’s requirements for IBM i security are in a constant state of flux.

Security best practices and regulatory compliance must be addressed regularly to keep pace.

In a recent webcast, Jeff Uehling, Syncsort’s new Product Management Director for security solutions and former architect for the security functions in the IBM i OS, shared what he has learned about best practices in his over 30 years of experience with IBM i security including:

  • Why you need to run at security level 50 – and the exposures of running at lower levels
  • How to detect and prevent programs that could compromise system security
  • Necessary system value settings
  • How to apply cryptography to protect your data
  • Network security requirements
  • Security considerations for mobile deployments
  • How Syncsort’s security solutions help you achieve best practice

IBM i Security Best Practices

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More on our speaker:

Jeff Uehling’s expertise spans 30 years working in security technology for IBM i, and predecessor systems. Jeff previously worked in the IBM i OS development group, specifically as lead architect of the security development team in Rochester, Minnesota.  His responsibilities at IBM included architecture, design and development of IBM i security. He has also served as a council member of the IBM security technical community. Jeff’s primary interests lie in the area of system integrity and now, given the current business environment, cryptography and compliance.

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