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New White Paper! zIIPing by a Processor Upgrade

As fast as the mobile economy and explosion of data is occurring within IT environments, innovations to accommodate them within the IBM z mainframe technology stack are keeping pace. IBM has provided and enhanced specialty processors including zIIP engines offering the offload of general processor cycles and acceleration of workload execution.

This movement of eligible work to zIIP, is leaving the general processors with more headroom for the organization’s core business applications. The ultimate benefit resulting in delayed or eliminated hardware upgrades along with containment and reduction in monthly license charges for software.

zIIPing by a Processor Upgrade - banner

Syncsort has released their white paper, zIIPing by a Processor Upgrade, to show how their ZPSaver Suite can help your organization to efficiently offload Copy, SMS Compression, and Sort processing to zIIP processors to effectively reduce the workload on the main CPU, all while delivering faster processing for sort operations. By zIIP enabling sort activities to reduce CPU utilization and decrease execution time, Syncsort’s ZPSaver Suite lets organizations effectively upgrade the capacity of their mainframe environment leveraging zIIP engines without having to take on costly processor upgrades.

Download the white paper now to find out more.


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