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New Analyst Research: Ovum’s View of Syncsort’s New Branding

What drives an organization to invest the money, time and resources to rebrand the company and its products?  There can be a number of reasons, including a major shift in company strategy or the need to improve flagging brand equity.  In the case of Syncsort, however, neither of these were factors in the major branding initiative resulting in new Syncsort messaging, new “gateway brands” and a new look that was launched in May 2018.

Ovum analyst Paige Bartley was intrigued by the rebranding and recently filed the research report, “Syncsort rebranding targets the modern enterprise decision-maker.” The note addresses the reasons driving the rebranding, which include shifting market preferences, Syncsort’s phenomenal company growth and expanded product portfolio.

Read the Ovum report: Syncsort Rebranding Targets the Modern Enterprise Decision-Maker

Ovum’s View of the Rebranding

In her report, Bartley points out that Syncsort’s rebranding wasn’t simply a marketing facelift in response to upstart competition. She notes that, “It represented a broader shift in business strategy to meet the needs of modern business objectives and purchase behaviors. Ongoing organizational changes underpin the rebranding, helping Syncsort demonstrate value to a growing audience of business decision-makers.”

Further to her observations, Bartley states that, “With big data infrastructure becoming a strategic business decision made at increasingly high levels of the enterprise, the Syncsort rebranding was an opportunity to rearticulate the value proposition of the portfolio in a language that would resonate with the new vanguard of technology purchasers.”

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Excerpt from Ovum's report by Paige Bartley

Syncsort’s Evolution the Big Iron to Big Data Market

Bartley also notes that, “Syncsort is a well-established player in an enterprise technology space that is increasingly defined by disruptive market entrants. The ‘Big Iron to Big Data’ company traces its roots back to 1968, and its early success in mainframe sorting solutions expanded over time, via organic development and company acquisitions, to encompass a wide variety of data integration capabilities, data quality and availability solutions, and data infrastructure optimization.”

Big Iron to Big Data is a fast-growing market that has taken-off over the last few years.  The Big Iron to Big Data market growth has been driven by the need for today’s data-driven organizations to take advantage of exciting advances in technology that offer new possibilities around transforming data at scale and making it usable across the enterprise. Syncsort is focused on continual innovation to lead this market.

The Common Denominator

While some of the drivers of a major branding initiative are unique to each company that undertakes them, there is one important thing they all have in common.  When done correctly, branding sharpens messaging and providing clear ways to articulate what the company does and what it offers to its customers to help make them successful.

Read the full Ovum analyst report now


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