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IBM i Security – 6 super short webcasts to help protect your iSeries

Over the last several months, Syncsort has run a series of 15-minute webcasts covering various topics across the broad realm of IBM i security. This short format has proven to be quite popular with our audiences. See what tips our experts have to share in these six 15-minute recorded sessions.


1. Accelerating Regulatory Compliance for IBM i Systems

Do you need to accelerate compliance for your IBM i systems? Whether it be for PCI, SOX, GDPR or other regulations, view this 15-minute webcast on-demand to learn more about the importance of security risk assessments for compliance, implementing compliance policies that align with regulations, and generating reports and alerts that flag compliance issues.Watch 15-minute webcast > 


2. Assessing IBM i Security Risks

Are you concerned about the security of your IBM i, or its ability to pass your next compliance audit? This 15-minute webcast covers common IBM i vulnerabilities, key areas to examine as part of a security risk assessment, tradeoffs between in-house and third-party assessments, and going beyond assessment to remediation. Watch 15-minute webcast >


3. Detecting Fraudulent Activity on Your IBM i

This 15-minute webcast can help you detect fraud on your IBM i series, covering key IBM i log files, identifying security incidents in log files, consolidating IBM i log information under a common strategy with other platforms, and tradeoffs between do-it-yourself and third-party solutions. Watch 15-minute webcast >


4. Securing Sensitive IBM i Data At-Rest and In-Motion

View this 15-minute webcast on-demand and get up to speed on the key concepts you need to know to secure sensitive data on your IBM i servers, including topics such as FIELDPROC encryption and key management, tokenization & anonymization, tools for securing data in motion, and tradeoffs between do-it-yourself and third-party solutions. Watch 15-minute webcast >


5. Securing IBM i User Profiles

Do the right people have the right level of access to your system? Learn how you can strengthen IBM i user profile security, meet audit and compliance requirements and more, including reducing powerful profiles, implementing multi-factor authentication, and enabling secure profile re-enablement and password self-service. Watch 15-minute webcast >


6. Taking Control of Access to Your IBM i Systems and Data

View this 15-minute webcast to learn how exit points provided by the IBM i OS can be used to monitor and secure access to IBM i systems and data. During this webcast you’ll learn more about securing network access and communication ports, securing database access, and securing access to commands. Watch 15-minute webcast >

Learn Best Practices in IBM i Security from Syncsort’s Jeff Uehling

Bonus! IBM i Security Best Practices

Ok, so some topics are just too big for 15 minutes. In this hour-long webinar, Jeff Uehling shares what he’s learned over the past 30 years regarding IBM i security best practices. See why you need to run at security level 50, how to detect and prevent programs that could compromise system security, and what to consider for mobile deployments. Watch the webcast >

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