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New White Paper! 50 Years of Mainframe Sorting Innovation from Syncsort

Over the past 5 decades the focus for the mainframe has been on bigger, faster, cheaper processing power. This is no surprise considering the technology advancements that have occurred. The enormous water-cooled S/370s with only megabytes of real storage housed in raised floor environments and taking up a huge physical footprint have been replaced by very small, exponentially faster systems, supporting terabytes of real storage and a variety of applications. Our latest white paper, “50 Years of Mainframe Sorting Innovation from Syncsort,” takes a look at some of the advancements of the last 50 years.

Traditional batch and online processing has grown into mobile and web-based multi-platform applications with transactions that still rely on critical mainframe services. The volume, variety, and velocity of how data is created, used, and managed within organizations has driven technology changes -however sorting remains a critical function in most data processing applications.

50 Years of Mainframe Sorting Innovation from Syncsort - banner

Take a look at some of the innovations in Syncsort MFX® over the past 50 years, and how they have exploited technology advancements on the IBM z platforms and z/OS, to help mainframe organizations enhance, perform and reduce cost.

Download the white paper today!

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