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2018 Cloud Survey Results: Review the full report

Since launching our industry surveys a few years ago, Syncsort typically included one or two questions about cloud.  This year, we wanted to know more, so we fielded a cloud survey specifically to address this hot topic.  The response was overwhelming – over 900 IT professionals, at mostly large- and medium-sized companies, participated.

On Premise or in the Cloud – the Fundamentals Still Apply

The widespread adoption of cloud computing was not a big surprise in our findings, as we’ve been experiencing this with most of our customers – including those adopting cloud-first strategies.  However, the lack of strategy and a centralized approach to plan and manage applications in the cloud was quite unexpected – fewer than one-third of professionals reported having this in place.  This is particularly interesting because most respondents (70%) say internal IT staff is responsible for cloud security, disaster recovery, and performance and capacity management at their organizations.

The benefits of cloud computing are undeniable. Business continuity, IT efficiency and operational cost savings topped the list in our survey results.  But, on the flips side, higher-than-expected costs, integration, and challenges with data security, privacy and governance were common pain points.

Perhaps a proactive strategy and centralized management could help alleviate some of these concerns and help companies get even more value from the cloud.  These fundamental best practices are just as important in the cloud as they are on premise – maybe even more so.

Syncsort Cloud Survey Results

You can check out the findings from our survey in the embedded presentation below:

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