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New eBook! The Rise of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Syncsort has released a new eBook, “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.” From the early days of IT, organizations have grappled with the challenges of understanding how well their infrastructure is performing in support of the business. They have used a plethora of tools to detect, manage, and resolve problems that are causing disruption of services.

With all these tools, comes a fundamental problem facing organizations – how to bring together information from the various platforms in the organization and correlate that information so that business services can be accurately monitored and managed. The good news is that emerging analytics platforms are laying the foundation for innovation and fundamentally changing the approach IT organizations take to managing their infrastructure.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations - banner

In just the past couple of years, Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) has emerged by joining together analytics with machine learning capabilities. AIOps uses machine learning and advanced analytics to simplify operations, prioritize problem resolution, and align IT with the business. Using metrics and performance indicators that are aligned with strategic goals and objectives, it goes beyond reactive and ad hoc troubleshooting to proactively organize and correlate relevant metrics and events according to the business services they support.

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