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New White Paper! Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM i

The basic IBM i policies that served in years past are no longer sufficient. Security breaches caused by passwords stored in unsecured locations, guessed passwords, or brute-force password attacks have compelled IT shops to implement stronger password management controls. Syncsort’s latest white paper, “Multi-factor Authentication for IBM i,” explores some options for today’s organizations.

Because Multi-Factor Authentication requires users to provide at least two authentication factors, the chances of a hacker gaining access to a system is substantially reduced. Users are required to select from at least two different categories to prove their identity. These include:

  • Something the user knows (Password, PIN)
  • Something the user possesses (Email account, smartphone, code-generating device)
  • Something inherent to the user (fingerprint, iris scan, voice recognition)

Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM i

Multi-Factor Authentication is a powerful technology for protecting sensitive data from being accessed by external and internal actors with bad intentions, and there are numerous approaches and features to consider when choosing an solution that’s best for your organization

Download the White Paper today!

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