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2018 Best of Big Data – Expert insights on basics & top trends

As the year draws to a close, we’re looking back at our best blog content of 2018. We launched our Best of 2018 series yesterday with a look at the Data Quality. Today, we’re reviewing our most popular Big Data blog posts.

Let’s count ’em down!

#10 Big Data Disaster Recovery Preparation Tips

Preparing to recover Big Data workloads after an unexpected disaster requires more than just having data backups on hand. This article explains how to build an effective Big Data disaster recovery strategy. Read more >

#9 Expert Interview: Joey Echeverria on the Latest With Splunk, Spark, and Flink

At the recent Data Day in Texas, Paige Roberts caught up with Joey Echeverria, an architect at Splunk and author of O’Reilly book, Hadoop Security. In the course of this three-part interview series Echeverria discussed some common Hadoop security methods as well as the latest developments with Splunk and the differences between Apache Spark and Flink. Read more >

#8 Database Migration: How Long Should it Take?

Database migration takes time. But how long, exactly, should you expect a database migration to last? Which factors influence the length of time that data migration requires? We explore in this article. Read more >

#7 Data Integration 101: What It Means and Why It’s Important

What is data integration? In short, it’s the set of practices and tools that turn data into something you can actually use. Let’s take a closer look at what data integration means, why it’s important and how you can achieve it. Read more >

#6 Big Data Use Cases to Watch in 2018

Big Data was already a big deal, and it was poised to become an even bigger deal in 2018, with a broader application of use cases from driverless cars to IoT. See if our 2018 use cases to watch played out the way we thought. Read more >

#5 The Next Frontier of Data Integration: Data Lineage and Governance

For the past few years, Connect for Big Data has been helping large enterprises populate their data lakes by making it easy to access legacy data coming from the mainframe or enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platforms such as Teradata or Oracle and integrate it with data in Hive, HDFS, Kafka, etc. As a growing number of enterprises successfully deploy their newly populated data lakes, we have started to hear about the next pain point: Data Lineage and Governance. Read more >

#4 Expert Interview: Trends in Hadoop and Cloud Data with Tony Baer

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst at Ovum, recently spoke to us about trends in Big Data, including the future of Hadoop and cloud data. See what this industry expert had to say. Read more >

#3 Challenges with VSAM Data – Change Data Capture (CDC) Solutions and Benefits

A while back, Syncsort’s VP of Data Integration R&D, Fernanda Tavares, wrote a blog about Overcoming Technical Challenges in Large Mainframe to Hadoop Implementations where she explains how Syncsort leads the way in helping enterprises leverage their mainframe data in Hadoop. This article expands on that topic by presenting a new feature that helps refresh the Hadoop data lake with data from growing mainframe data sets faster and more efficiently. Read more >

#2 Why Data Quality Makes or Breaks Your Big Data Operations

What drives big data success? Your first thought might be analytics accuracy or the amount of data you have available to process. But if you’re not thinking about data quality as well, you may be undercutting the effectiveness of your entire big data operation. This article looks at how data quality can determine whether your big data operations succeed or fail. Read more >

#1 Big Data vs Traditional Data: What Defines Big Data?

What is Big Data, really? Despite what the term Big Data implies, the definition of Big Data is not actually about the size of your data. It’s how you use the data. When it comes to data, size is always relative. So then, what really defines Big Data? Read on to find out! >

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