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New eBook! Enterprise Data Marketplaces: Enabling a Data-Driven Culture

Syncsort has released a new eBook, “Enterprise Data Marketplaces: Enabling a Data-Driven Culture,” which is now available for download. In the past few years third-party data marketplaces, often provided as Data as a Service, have taken off. But, most organizations already own the data most relevant to their business. That’s why the most successful organizations are applying the concepts of external data markets to create enterprise data marketplaces, where users can easily find and access data from across the company that is clean, trustworthy, and auditable.

Enterprise data marketplaces overcome the limitations of previous solutions and give you the best of each in one central repository: the volume and variety of the data lake, the veracity and auditability of the data warehouse, and the velocity and specificity for purpose of the data mart. Analytics teams and business users can shop and find the data they need, prepared and combined for ever-expanding applications.

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However, there are some potential roadblocks when creating an enterprise data marketplace. These can include:

  1. Scattered and difficult to access datasets
  2. Cleaning massive volumes of data
  3. Combining and deduplicating data
  4. Keeping the data fresh
  5. Tracking data lineage

Though these can create difficulties, some are avoidable with some preparation.

Find out more and download our eBook today! Learn how organizations are embracing enterprise data marketplaces to drive their strategies forward.

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