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Video: CEO Josh Rogers on the Big Iron to Big Data Market and Syncsort’s Success in Delivering Solutions

Syncsort CEO, Josh Rogers, recently sat down to speak with Stu Miniman for a CUBEConversation at theCUBE Studio in Boston, MA. Together, they spoke about the Big Iron to Big Data market, the use cases driving customer needs in the market, and how Syncsort’s success in delivering solutions for those needs has helped to drive record-breaking company performance and rapid business growth. They also discussed Syncsort’s development partnership with IBM and their recent acquisition of EView Technology.

Watch the video to learn more about the recent announcements and about Syncsort’s opportunity to continue to build the business through a strategy of organic growth and acquisitions.

Big Iron to Big Data

Rogers starts off by explaining the positioning that Syncsort has taken as the leader in the Big Iron to Big Data space. They break it down into two major areas:

  1. A recognition that large enterprises still run mission critical workloads on systems that were built over the last 20, 30, 40 years. Most of the critical data assets for customers are created in those systems and they would like to keep them running as efficiently as possible.
  2. How to maximize the value of the data that gets produced in those systems, which tends to focus on liberating it, making a copy of it, and then transferring it over to next generation systems.

“We’ve got a special set of expertise and solutions that allow customers to both optimize these old systems and maximize the value of data produced in those systems,” said Rogers.

IBM B2B Collaboration

A few months ago, Syncsort announced a collaborative partnership with IBM. The IBM B2B collaboration portfolio gives Syncsort exposure to integration styles between businesses. Historically, Syncsort has been focused on integration within a business. Also, the partnership intersects with one of the next generation data themes around Blockchain. “We believe that there’s a huge opportunity to help be a leader in how you take Blockchain infrastructure and integrate it to these existing systems,” Rogers said.

The New Rules for Your Data Landscape

EView Technology

Syncsort has recently acquired a company called EView Technology. EView is a terrific leader in the machine data integration space and they have a number of solutions that are complementary to what Syncsort has done with their Iron Stream product. One specific use case that makes this acquisition so exciting is its integration with ServiceNow which to date they have not had integration with. This acquisition gives Syncsort that integration.

For even more, make sure to check out the interview!

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