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Security 101 – 5 Short Webcasts on Security for Your IBM i

Over the past couple of months, Syncsort has released a series of short webcasts focused on Security for the IBM i. Check what our experts have to say in these five 15-minute videos!


1. IBM i Security Auditing and Reporting

IBM i journals and logs are the trusted source of audit information accepted by IBM i security and audit professionals as they contain a trail of access attempts, command line activity, changes to sensitive data, changes to system objects and more. However, IBM i log files contain massive amounts of data – and they are difficult to setup, report and alert on. Watch 15-minute webcast


2. Limiting Powerful User Profiles

Having too many powerful user profiles leaves the security of your IBM i system and data exposed. Best practice dictates, and your security auditors prefer, that users be given only the authorities required to perform their jobs, and that they be granted additional authority only when needed and only for the time required. Watch 15-minute webcast


3. Protecting Data with Encryption, Tokenization & Anonymization

Regulatory bodies and consumers demand that personal data be secured against unauthorized access. Personal data protection is, in fact, required by government and industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA and more. With all the options available for securing IBM i data at rest, how do you know which will best suit your needs? Watch 15-minute webcast


4. Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM i

Stories of data breaches caused by stolen or guessed passwords have increased scrutiny around login password practices. Multi-factor authentication has become a popular method for strengthening login security and is now required by certain regulations. Watch 15-minute webcast


5. Controlling Access to IBM i Systems and Data

To protect your critical data from access by unauthorized users or intruders and to comply with increasingly strict IT security regulations, you must take control of all access points to your IBM i server. View this webinar on-demand to jump start your understanding of all the points of access that must be managed and how they can be secured using IBM i exit points. Watch 15-minute webcast

Looking for more on securing your IBM i? Download our Whitepaper today on the Layers of Data Security.

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