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2018 Best of Mainframe – Mainframe’s future & tips for today

Before we move on to 2019, we’re reviewing our best blog posts of the year. Our “Best of 2018” series continues with a look at our most popular mainframe blogs of the year.

Here are the top 10 posts that won you over in 2018:

#10 Building a Mainframe Disaster Recovery Strategy

Your mainframe may not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re planning for disaster recovery. But it should be because getting your mainframe back up and running quickly is essential for maintaining business continuity following a disaster. Read more >

#9 New eBook! Data Encryption in the Mainframe World

In today’s world of constant security threats and breaches, enhanced compliance regulations and data protection capabilities have become forefront for all organizations. Driven by compliance regulations such as FIPS, HIPPA and GDPR, organizations are challenging their IT departments to protect their data and digital assets with a vengeance never seen before. Read more >

#8 Mainframe Meets Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at SHARE Sacramento

Winter SHARE 2018 was held in Sacramento and focused on emerging technologies that can be used to manage and monitor your environment. The most talked about next-generation tech being Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Read more >

#7 Mainframe Cost Reduction Tips to Maximize Your Data Infrastructure ROI

Getting the most from your mainframe requires not just taking advantage of technologies like containers or integrating your mainframe into DevOps workflows. You also want to optimize around mainframe cost reduction. Keep reading for five tips for lowering your mainframe costs. Read more >

#6 How to Make Everyone Love the Mainframe

Many people inside your company may never think about your mainframe. But they should if you want to put your mainframe computers to the best use. Here’s how to help your employees understand and appreciate your mainframe. Read more >

Read our eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Mainframe Machine Data

#5 2017 Mainframe Trends that are Here to Stay for 2018: Docker, Blockchain, z14 and Beyond

We predicted five mainframe trends from 2017 would continue to impact the mainframe community in 2018. See if how our estimates aligned with the actuals. Read more >

#4 Mainframes Continue to Reign in 2018: Key Trends that Support Big Iron’s Sovereign Rule

This article provides a high-level summary of themes uncovered during our 2018 Mainframe Survey. In a nutshell, “Mainframes rule!” Read more >

#3 9 Mainframe Statistics That May Surprise You

How important are mainframes today? One way of answering that question is to take a look at some statistics relating to how mainframes are currently used. Keep reading for data points about the state of the mainframe today that you may find surprising. Read more >

#2 What Makes Mainframes Different? Mainframe vs. Server

What is a mainframe? One of the best ways to answer that question is to explain what makes mainframes different from other types of computers – especially servers you’d find in a data center. Toward that end, let’s take a look at the key differences between commodity servers – that is, the relatively inexpensive, usually x86-based servers that you find in large numbers in today’s data centers – and mainframe computers. Read more >

#1 Where Will Mainframes be in Ten Years?

How will the mainframe industry change over the next decade? Will mainframes even still be around? The short answers to those questions are “a lot” and “almost certainly.” Keep reading for the longer take. Read more >

For more about the mainframe, read our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Mainframe Machine Data, which takes a look at the different data sources and how they can be used to best benefit your organization.

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