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New White Paper! How To Migrate Without Downtime

Migrating applications and data to new platforms involves risk and takes time. Possibly worse, when using traditional migration methods and technologies, applications have to be halted during the migration. Syncsort’s White Paper, “How to Migrate Without Downtime: An Executive Overview,” which is now available for download, focuses on the seemingly impossible goal of successfully migrating systems without business downtime.

The larger the storage footprint, the longer the process will take. For many large systems, migrations routinely span hours or days. Consequently, application, system and data migrations have always been a challenge for IT staff; in fact, most have simply gotten used to the pain and suffering they engender.

IT departments usually cobble together a range of tools to perform migrations, but, even with those internally developed tools, successful migration is far from quick or assured.


In this White Paper, we cover:

  • Common Migration Triggers
  • Migration Requirements
  • Effects of Migration Failure
  • using Technology to Overcome Migration Challenges
  • Migration Topologies
  • Migration Techniques

Download the white paper today!

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