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New eBook! 7 Steps to Building Tangible ROI for Data Quality

Syncsort has released a new eBook titled, “7 Steps to Building Tangible ROI for Data Quality.” Although organizations often lack insight into the quality of data used in everyday decision-making, developing a strategy that measures and reports on data quality metrics can help stakeholders craft a business case and ROI model to drive investment in data quality investments.

A robust data quality solution automates many profiling and discovery processes, so the business and IT team can accurately assess project risks and measure the enhancement of information performance.

When remembering that data drives the process that delivers the impact – there are three primary areas that influence ROI:

  1. Increasing revenue by growing the business
  2. Saving money by reducing cost structures
  3. Reducing risks and meeting regulatory-driven
    compliance measures
7 Steps to Building Tangible ROI for Data Quality - banner

By following the guidelines outlined in this eBook you should be able to develop a solid business case that will be acknowledged and embraced by executive leadership.

Download the eBook today!

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