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New eBook! ROI Strategies for IT Executives

ROI opportunities still exist for many organizations, and they can be found in places least expected – through better use of existing resources that have already been paid for within their IT budget. Syncsort has released a new eBook titled, “ROI Strategies for IT Executives,” which takes a deeper look into strategies that IT organizations can leverage to increase utilization of existing resources and enhance operational efficiency.

Although most organizations will claim to have some capacity management discipline in place, in reality it may not be as robust as what is needed to fully understand and leverage the resources within a complex and distributed IT infrastructure. Highly distributed IT environments with a reliance on virtualization technologies have ended up with considerable sprawl – a lot of resources going unused, underutilized or with excess capacity.

This eBook will take you through additional challenges that organizations struggle with and suggest solutions on how to overcome them, such as:

  • Understanding how well existing resources are being optimized and how to best utilize them
  • Determining the “right time” to budget and plan for additional resources
  • Empowering IT staff to be as efficient as possible
  • Understanding and planning for increases in demand for capacity to ensure critical business services are delivered as expected

Download this eBook today!

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