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Syncsort Kicks Off ServiceNow® Partnership

In late November, Syncsort acquired EView Technology, a provider of software for integrating mainframe and IBM i data into leading enterprise IT management platforms, including ServiceNow®.

Syncsort’s EView team attended the ServiceNow Sales Kick Off in Las Vegas on January 22-24. This annual event brings together ServiceNow partners, sales leadership, along with their global sales organization for three days of networking and in-depth training. It provided an excellent opportunity for Syncsort to participate in the Partner Showcase and further develop the our partner relationship started through EView Technology.

Why Syncsort is excited about the ServiceNow platform

Simply, they are winning! ServiceNow dominates customer short lists, and its tools market share is double that of their closest competitor. The company has been broadening its ITOM (Information Technology and Operations Management) capabilities over the past few years, and it continues to get better. Their global reach is also improving, with more regions reporting better availability of local sales and implementation partners compared with competitors.

Some key stats for ServiceNow:

  • Approximately $3B in revenue in 2018, with a target of around $4B for 2019. Their 10-year target is $10B. 
  • Roughly 45% of Global 2000 customers are ServiceNow customers. 
  • Over 1100 new customers in 2018.
  • More than 120 deals worth over $1M in 2018

How Syncsort works with ServiceNow

Even with its dominance in the market, the ServiceNow platform still has a huge gap in its ability to include IBM mainframe and IBM i environment data. This is also the case with Splunk. Splunk does a great job of searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data – all except the legacy IBM environments. That’s where Syncsort’s Ironstream for Splunk provides the real enterprise value – by seamlessly integrating the IBM i and z/OS data into the powerful Splunk platform.

The same philosophy exists with the Syncsort’s newly acquired EView solutions. Like Ironstream for Splunk, the EView products provide the ability to get the mission-critical IBM i and mainframe information into ServiceNow, Microsoft SCOM, and Micro Focus platforms.

With ServiceNow, Syncsort’s first integration is with Discovery – the foundation for the ServiceNow platform in that it populates and updates the CMDB (Configuration Management Database). With an accurate CMDB, it’s easy to understand an organization’s IT environment, particularly in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance and configuration management.

The ServiceNow CMDB provides a single system of record for IT. Customers are able to gain full visibility of their infrastructure and services, leading to more control of their environment and better decisions. By adding the IBM i and mainframe information, customers can leverage their investments into ServiceNow, automate tasks and expand the capabilities – providing insights previously not possible. This focus plays very nicely into the Syncsort’s current offerings.

And there’s more to come

Syncsort’s roadmap is focused on leveraging the EView Intelligent Agent Architecture to expand our integration into ServiceNow Event Management and other areas of their ITOM platform. This is a big, unserved market. Syncsort’s solutions are the only ones that bring the IBM i and mainframe data into ServiceNow.

Update May 7, 2018: Syncsort announced Ironstream for ServiceNow® which integrates mainframe and IBM i systems data with ServiceNow Discovery for a complete view of your IT environment.

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