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New White Paper! Getting the Most Out of Your Mainframe

Mainframe departments in larger enterprises are contending with three strong cross-currents: the challenge to keep up with rising volumes of data, measures to get relief from these extra volumes, and disproportionate shares of CPU processing time and related mainframe resources. Syncsort’s latest White Paper, “Getting the Most Our of Your Mainframe,” discusses the ways IBM and Syncsort are working to alleviate these pressures and challenges.

As fast as the mobile economy and IoT are growing, the innovations to accommodate them in the mainframe realm are keeping pace. It’s all about offloading and acceleration and about moving the more mundane housekeeping-type chores off the primary CPU and processing them faster and at lower costs everywhere.

Even for relatively small pieces of the overall acceleration opportunity, the ROI to be gained from replacing or augmenting the native sort functions with Syncsort MFX and ZPSaver Suite is substantial.

Getting the most out of your mainframe

Download this white paper to learn how to offload, accelerate and lower cost while leaving the primary CPU with more headroom for the organization’s core business applications.

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