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New eBook! Top 10 Myths of Performance Management and Capacity Planning

Performance Management can provide ROI to your organization, however there are many misconceptions that can hinder your efforts. Often when these myths are believed to be true, organizations need to overcome unnecessary obstacles to then establish the need for a continuous Performance Management and Capacity Planning model. Syncsort has released an eBook, “Top 10 Myths of Performance Management and Capacity Planning,” in an effort to debunk several popular myths.

It’s important to understand that Performance Management is split into two branches: Performance Analysis, which includes monitoring, tuning and optimization, and Capacity Planning, which embraces Capacity Analysis. The level of detail required to carry out successful planning may be different from that required to solve a performance problem.

In this eBook you’ll hear about some of the myths and realities revolving around Performance Management. The myths include:

  1. I don’t need to do Performance Management until I have a problem
  2. Hardware is so cheap that Performance Management and Capacity Planning are unnecessary
  3. Performance Management only needs to be done once a year
  4. Real time monitoring, tuning, and optimization is all you need
  5. I can’t do Performance Management until I have tuned my system first
  6. Management reporting on a regular basis takes up too much time
  7. Analysis and interpretation of performance reports is too complex
  8. Money is wasted on redundant or irrelevant equipment
  9. Network Capacity Plans need too much time to define traffic and workloads
  10. Service Level Agreements need too much effort to establish and track

Check out our eBook and learn more about these myths and truths behind them!

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