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New White Paper! A New Synergy Between Mainframe and Distributed Systems

Syncsort has released a new white paper titled, “A New Synergy Between Mainframe and Distributed Systems.” This explores the mainframe and its unique characteristics and then highlights the ways to bring the mainframe information into the same tools used to manage the rest of the IT environment.

While the mainframe has been evolving over the last half century, it has continued to be the platform used for some of the most mission-critical workloads for modern organizations. Computing systems like UNIX, Windows and various virtualization offerings have also come to be commonplace for running mission-critical workloads. In many cases, these workloads are actually spread across multiple computing platforms.

In order to get a true picture of health, performance and capacity of your company’s IT infrastructure, it is imperative to integrate mainframe information into the tools being used to manage and monitor the rest of your IT environment.

Download this white paper and get a better understanding of your IBM z/OS mainframe.

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