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Syncsort’s Tendü Yoğurtçu Wins “CTO of the Year” – Notes Diversity as a Pillar of Company’s Success

When I entered a tech school in the fall of 1996, the ratio of women to men on campus was approximately 1 to 6. Being in this minority position, I became more acutely aware of the other women around me. It began a habit of looking to the experience of women leading the way for guidance on my own career path. 

When I was interviewing with Syncsort, I was looking to find a place where my ideas would be heard, and my contributions would be appreciated. Seeing Tendü Yoğurtçu on the executive team as CTO demonstrated to me that Syncsort culture embraced strong female voices.

Tendü Yoğurtçu – CTO of the Year – Photo from Women in IT Awards

A driving force of disruptive innovation

I’ve now had the privilege of working with Tendü for several years, and I continue to be impressed by her intelligence and leadership. As CTO, she continually seeks out emerging technologies to see how Syncsort can help our customers better organize their data into the future.

Tendü also looks for synergies across our existing and acquired technologies to drive new innovations. She was featured in a Forbes article last year that describes how she transformed her team’s organizational structure around themes that provide value to the customer, effectively assembling a more cohesive view across products that were developed separately.

It’s been a winning strategy for both Syncsort and our customers. In a recent Information Age article about what it’s like for her to lead disruption at a 50-year-old start-up Syncsort, she is quoted, “With this disruptive focus, we have seen significant growth across our revenue and employees over the last 18 months, and we focus on both organic and also inorganic growth.”

Tendü was also recently accepted to the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community comprised of leading CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.

Recognized at Women in IT Awards as “CTO of the Year”

At the Women in IT Awards in late March, Tendü was named “CTO of the Year.” The award was presented at a gala event during the Women in IT Summit, a conference addressing emerging technologies, opportunities in cyber security, diversity, personal development and leadership.  

The Women in IT Awards is the world’s largest tech diversity event. It is organized by Information Age and DiversityQ, a site for professionals and business leaders that provides content and analysis to enhance, develop and promote workforce diversity and inclusion. The event provides a high-profile platform for celebrating women in IT and identifying new female role models in the industry.

Diversity is a key to Syncsort’s Success

In her acceptance speech, Tendü said she felt lucky to have parents who encouraged her at an early age to go into STEM. “I am also proud to work for Syncsort, an organization that stands out by focusing on creating a fair, inclusive environment that empowers everyone to contribute, excel and reach their potential. Diversity has been one of the pillars for our continued innovation and success.”

“On behalf of all my female peers and colleagues who support diversity and inclusion in the workplace, I am truly honored and humbled to receive this award.”

Technology Trends for 2019 - What it Means for Your Business - banner, CTO of the Year

Empowering women

In her speech, Tendü also noted that 40% of Syncsort’s R&D leadership is female. This is especially significant when you consider that only 11% of practicing engineers are women.

Tendü is a dedicated advocate for women in STEM and believes there are two vital ways for technology leaders to help drive greater participation. “First, they can engage young people and educate them on the benefits and opportunities for women if they focus their education on pursuing a career in technology.”

The second, as Tendü has done at Syncsort, is to mentor emerging female leaders and foster an environment within your organization that empowers women to succeed and advance their careers.

As a result, she was also recognized as a “2018 Outstanding Executive in Technology” by Advancing Women in Technology (AWT) for her consistent thought leadership in industry and business publications and her commitment to workforce diversity.  

Of course, Tendü is one of the many talented women in tech leading the way at Syncsort. For a look at some others, read Women in Tech: Recognizing Female Leadership in Technology.

Make sure to also check out Tendü’s webcast on the Technology Trends for 2019!

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