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New Webcast! How to Strengthen Enterprise Data Governance with Data Quality

Syncsort has released a new on-demand webcast titled, “How to Strengthen Enterprise Data Governance with Data Quality.”

If your organization is in a highly-regulated industry – or relies on data for a competitive advantage – data governance is undoubtedly a top priority.  Whether you’re focused on “defensive” data governance (supporting regulatory compliance and risk management) or “offensive” data governance (extracting the maximum value from your data assets, and minimizing the cost of bad data), data quality plays a critical role in ensuring success.

It’s a challenge for organizations to respond to regulatory mandates in a timely manner. Data typically comes from multiple sources and there’s a higher demand for real-time data. Regardless of the compliance mandate, the fact is that they all require accurate source data.

How to Strengthen Enterprise Data Governance with Data Quality - banner

In this webinar, you’ll learn how enterprise data quality drives stronger data governance, including:

  • The overlaps between data governance and data quality
  • The “data” dependencies of data governance – and how data quality addresses them
  • Key considerations for deploying data quality for data governance

Download the webcast today!

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