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Introducing Connect CDC, Syncsort’s New Real-Time Software for Building Streaming Enterprise Data Pipelines

It’s no secret that real-time data is becoming increasingly critical to gain a competitive edge for businesses all of types. Real-time data leads to more accurate analytics and better decision making, and fuels applications that rely on the most up-to-date information, such as hotel reservation systems, online backing apps, or those used for fraud detection. The fresher the data, the quicker your business can move against a competitor or provide an optimal customer experience.

Streaming data pipelines are essential for delivering real-time data, when, where and how it’s needed. As we partnered with our customers to develop products to help them build these pipelines, we identified several factors needed to meet the enterprise requirements. They have to be agile and flexible, integrating with the leading streaming platforms and supporting a variety of architectures — including hybrid cloud environments. They also have to adhere to enterprise-level data governance and security standards. And, of course, they have to offer the highest levels of resiliency and fault-tolerance, with guaranteed data delivery.

With these requirements in mind, today we announced Connect CDC, a new offering that helps organizations to build data streaming pipelines that connect and share real-time applications from platforms of all types – mainframes to the cloud – across the enterprise.

Connect CDC is part of the Syncsort Connect family of application data integration products, designed to meet the needs of the largest enterprises in the world. It replicates data across relational databases, streaming frameworks like Apache Kafka, and the cloud – with high-performance, resilience, fault-tolerance and guaranteed data delivery.

Connect CDC is the only software in market that has zero data loss by keeping track of exactly where a data transfer left off and automatically restarts at that point. It also promotes data governance with Kafka schema registry integration, along with Cloudera Navigator and Atlas support, and offers secure data transfer using Kerberos authentication and SSL/TLS encryption.

Connect CDC Real-time Data Replication

To learn more about Connect CDC and how it can help to provide your business with real-time insights, download the product sheet or watch our webcast, where we’ll introduce you to Connect CDC’s capabilities and discuss how you can use Connect CDC in a variety of use cases that help drive your business forward.

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