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Ironstream for ServiceNow® Eliminates Blind Spots so You Can See the Whole IT Picture

Today’s modern businesses are powered by IT. To get ahead in competitive business environments, companies continually pursue strategies that achieve and maintain an IT advantage. In recent years, many companies have moved from managing their IT environments in “silos” to managing IT services from an enterprise point of view. These companies have achieved IT process improvements that better align IT services with current and future business needs.

Adoption of IT Operations Management solutions promises to take IT strategies to the next level through complete visibility into all areas of the IT infrastructure, and companies are increasingly deploying these solutions to help optimize the management of their IT environments. ServiceNow is one IT Operations solution that is being adopted at a rapid rate to support IT efforts to maximize their business’ competitive advantage.

Discovery and the Heart of IT Operation Management

Discovery fuels the ServiceNow solution. It is the process that ServiceNow uses to gather information on computing resources (commonly referred to as Configuration Items or CIs) in the IT infrastructure. The Discovery process populates the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which sits at the heart of any ServiceNow solution.  

Discovery finds physical and virtual devices such as laptops, desktops, servers (physical and virtual), switches, routers, storage, and applications, as well as the dependent relationships between them – both on-premise and in public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It is important to remember that Discovery is not a “one-and-done” operation. It needs to be a regular, repeated process that populates the CMDB with accurate information about your environment. Changes must be continuously discovered and reflected in the CMDB. To learn more about the CMDB, grab this CMDB for Dummies paper from ServiceNow.

Having an accurate, up-to-date view of the IT environment helps to speed incident resolution and provides critical, early visibility into the health of business services. In fact, ServiceNow claims that a well-configured CMDB can save businesses as much as 40% in IT costs—and help to avoid the costs of unplanned outages. Without an accurate, comprehensive Discovery process to populate the CMDB and provide a complete picture of the infrastructure, critical IT functions like incident management, service modeling, performance monitoring and troubleshooting are impaired.

Do You Have Blind Spots in Your ServiceNow Environment - watch

Ironstream Completes the ServiceNow Picture

Unfortunately, ServiceNow® Discovery does not address traditional IBM systems, like mainframes or IBM i servers, in the Discovery process. That means that organizations with IBM z and IBM i servers have gaps in the CMDB that is critical to so many IT efforts. 

Syncsort Ironstream focuses on enabling IT organizations to integrate the data and information from traditional IBM systems into today’s popular IT Analytics platforms. We recently announced Syncsort Ironstream for ServiceNow to provide a solution for ServiceNow Discovery customers who want visibility into traditional IBM systems in their ServiceNow CMDB. Ironstream for ServiceNow works seamlessly with ServiceNow Discovery processes to provide visibility into these critical systems alongside all other IT resources – filling the blind spot that otherwise exists. 

Learn out more about Ironstream for ServiceNow and watch our on-demand webcast!

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