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Syncsort Simplifies Product Branding with Introduction of Product Families

After several years of transformation through a mix of organic and inorganic growth strategies, we were ready to tell a new story of a bigger, better Syncsort.  We began a new chapter of Syncsort’s story around this time last year, when we rolled out our new corporate branding.

As the story of our brand evolution continues, today we are proud to share with you our new brand architecture which extends our brand refresh to the product level. The goal of this rebrand initiative was to make it easier for customers and channel partners to understand all the ways Syncsort can help solve complex data challenges.

A look at Syncsort’s new brand architecture

At the top of our new brand architecture, we’ve simplified our offerings into three gateway categories:

  1. Optimize — Optimizing data infrastructure to improve performance, control costs across the full IT environment, and assure data availability and security
  2. Integrate — Connecting today’s data infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology – ensuring data quality to power machine learning, AI and predictive analytics
  3. Advance — Pushing the boundaries of what data can do to support the Next Wave of technology and innovation

Introducing our new product families

Within each of these categories, we are introducing product families. Each product family assembles products that tackle a specific industry challenge.  For example, our Syncsort Connect family represents our products that connect today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology to unlock the potential of all your enterprise data.

Our new product names adhere to a clear and consistent naming convention. Each product name begins with the name of the product family where it resides. The second half of the name reflects the product’s function. A good example is MFX, which we have rebranded as Elevate MFSort. 

Let’s walk through Syncsort’s new product architecture.


Our Optimize gateway houses two product families: Syncsort Elevate and Syncsort Assure.

Syncsort Elevate – Elevating performance and efficiency to control costs across the full IT environment, from mainframe to cloud

Our collection of data infrastructure optimization tools come together to form the Syncsort Elevate family.

Syncsort Elevate family of products Formerly known as
Elevate Capacity Management AtheneTM
Elevate IMS DL/2TM
Elevate DB2 EZ-DB2
Elevate MFSort MFX®
Elevate ZPSaver MFX® ZPSaver Suite
Elevate Network Management ZenTM Suite

Syncsort Assure – Assuring data availability, security and privacy to meet the world’s demand for 24×7 data access

Our Assure Availability portfolio of products still includes the brands our customers know and love with Assure MIMIX, Assure QuickEDD and Assure iTERA.

We also recently launched Assure Security, which combines best-in-class IBM i security capabilities to help organizations with major security and compliance challenges.

Syncsort Assure family of products Formerly known as
Assure QuickEDD Quick-EDD
Assure iTERA iTERA®
Assure Security New product that combines features of Cilasoft and Alliance products
Enforcive Enforcive – This product will be refreshed to the Assure branding pending some planned updates


Our Integrate gateway houses three product families: Syncsort Connect, Syncsort Ironstream and Syncsort Trillium.

Syncsort Connect – Connecting today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology to unlock the potential of all your enterprise data

Syncsort Connect family of products Formerly known as
Connect for Big Data DMX-hTM
Connect CDC New product that combines features of MIMIX Share and DMX Change Data Capture products

Syncsort Ironstream – Integrating your critical security and operational data from the mainframe and IBM i to next-gen analytics platforms

We’ve brought capabilities of our recent EView Technology acquisition into our popular Ironstream brand to deliver mainframe and IBM i data to more analytics platforms than ever before. Building on the momentum of Ironstream for Splunk, we recently introduced Ironstream for ServiceNow® solution.

Syncsort Ironstream family of products Formerly known as
Ironstream EView and Ironstream products combined into one central product offering

Syncsort Trillium  – Trusting the quality of your data for deeper understanding & accurate insights at the speed of business

As a long-standing leader in the Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrant, we wanted to preserve the Trillium brand name to represent our portfolio of data quality software.

Syncsort Trillium family of products Formerly known as
Trillium DQ Trillium Software® System
Trillium Quality for Big Data Trillium™ Quality for Big Data
Trillium Quality for Dynamics® Trillium™ Quality for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
Trillium Global Locator Trillium™ Global Locator
Trillium Cloud Trillium™ Cloud


Our Advance gateway currently houses the Syncsort Invent family.

Syncsort Invent – Inventing products that make data more useful – helping you solve for the present and prepare for the future

As Next Wave technologies converge with decades of data infrastructure investment, significant challenges stand in the way of realizing the full potential of these innovations. With today’s launch of Syncsort Invent, we are working with data-driven enterprises to solve the hardest problems they face in taking advantage of the Next Wave, and to create purpose-driven solutions for the use cases with the biggest impact on their business.

If your organization faces Next Wave challenges with Hybrid Cloud or Blockchain, we invite you to partner with us in creating use-case driven solutions that will have a great impact on your business.

  • Hybrid CloudMaximizing the value of enterprise data in a hybrid cloud world by solving the challenges of integrating decades of on-premise systems with today’s leading cloud platforms
  • Blockchain – Creating use case-driven solutions for enterprises to maximize the value of their blockchains by connecting them to the transactional systems that run their business

Over the next few weeks here on the blog we’ll be diving deeper into each product family for a closer look at how the products within can help you conquer your organization’s data challenges. Stay tuned!

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