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Syncsort Product Families: Introducing Syncsort Elevate

As part of the rollout of Syncsort’s new product brand architecture  announced last week, we want to take a moment to familiarize our audience with each of our new product families. Here on the blog we’ll be running a series of posts dedicated to our product families starting with today’s review of Syncsort Elevate. 

Syncsort Elevate is our collection of data infrastructure optimization software to help you manage costs, meet demanding service level agreements and mitigate risk. Products in this portfolio include all the mainframe tools our long-time customers have enjoyed as well as newer cross-platform solutions like capacity management.

Let’s take a look at each of the products offered within the Syncsort Elevate family.

Elevate MFSort

Elevate MFSort helps you reduce the costly CPU resources used in sort operations to lower costs while optimizing efficiency. Learn more about Elevate MFSort

Elevate ZPSaver

Elevate ZPSaver allows you to offload Copy, SMS Compression and Sort processing to IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) engines, effectively reducing the workload on your mainframe’s CPU. Elevate ZPSaver can help you save money, significantly improve performance and free up your mainframe CPU for other tasks. Learn more about Elevate ZPSaver

Additionally, using Elevate MFSort and Elevate ZPSaver together can help to further reduce costs by enabling sort operation to utilize the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) engine. See these real-world examples of customer success

Elevate IMS

Elevate IMS is the smart approach to IMS data migration. While it makes sense to migrate from IMS to Db2 to consolidate data into a single platform, data migration can be a daunting task. Elevate IMS makes it easy to migrate at your own pace, without having to make application changes. Get everything you need to migrate to Db2 as quickly as possible, without the risks associated with a manual conversion. Learn more about Elevate IMS

Elevate DB2

Elevate DB2 complements traditional Db2 performance tools, with an end-to-end “workload-centric & workload-aware” approach to performance optimization for both dynamic and static SQL. With Elevate DB2, it’s easy for your company to monitor Db2 SQL workloads to collect static and dynamic SQL that application programmers, DBAs and performance analysts can use to quickly identify high-cost or problematic statements. Learn more about Elevate DB2

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Elevate IDMS

Elevate IDMS helps to improve CA IDMS database performance and deliver true 24-hour availability. Elevate IDMS makes it easy to reorganize or restructure your CA IDMS databases without the need to take your production databases offline, and with minimal interruption to your production schedule.  Learn more about Elevate IDMS

Elevate Network Management

Elevate Network Management is a combination of dedicated components that monitor and manage your entire IBM z/OS network to increase its performance, security and efficiency – all through a single, clean interface. Customize Elevate Network Management to meet your exact needs to replace bloated and cumbersome legacy network management tools at a fraction of the legacy cost. Learn more about Elevate Network Management

Elevate Capacity Management

Elevate Capacity Management enables your organization to implement effective cross-platform capacity management by identifying over- and underutilized IT infrastructure resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Elevate Capacity Management provides information in easy-to-understand terms, so you can quickly identify potential service impacts to mitigate risk and lower costs.

Elevate Capacity Management ensures you always have the right level of computing resources to avoid overspending on excess capacity or underspending on required capacity which could impact business processes and services. Learn more about Elevate Capacity Management

For more information on mainframe optimization, read our white paper: Getting the Most out of Your Mainframe

… and tune in next week when we review Syncsort Assure.

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